Women Who Take Bleaching Pills To Have Light-skin Babies Don’t Deserve Sex Or Babies

Health experts have raised concern about a new trend among young Ghanaian expectant mothers. Apparently, there are women who are so ashamed of their dark skin and would rather swallow skin bleaching pills than have their children take after their complexion. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to tell that these bleaching pills end up having adverse effects on these innocent unborn babies.

According to an obstetrician at the Healthlinks Medical Clinic, Dr. Clarence O. Addo-Yobo, the health risks posed by this irresponsible act are mostly irreversible. Sounding the alarm in an interview with The Mirror,  the obstetrician lamented over the unfortunate practice, stating that “It is unfortunate, but this is where we have reached. You find children with all sorts of defects, some with short arms and limbs. The practice is terrible and has effects on the newborn baby.”

Another health expert concerned about the ingestion of bleaching pills for light-skinned babies is Mr. Emmanuel Nkrumah, Head of the Cosmetic and Household Chemical Department of the Food And Drugs Authority (FDA). He revealed to The Mirror that some pregnant women took Hydroquinone (HQ) pills in an attempt to lighten the skin of their unborn babies, urging them to bring the practice to a halt.The chemicals in these pills could cause cancer, kidney and liver diseases as well as deformity. Mothers who were unable to successfully bleach their babies with the pills in the womb went on to smother the unfortunate dark-skinned children with bleaching creams after birth. There is currently a campaign to ban the use of these products that seem to be readily accessible on the market.

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It is so sad to see the extent of the hatred for all things black in Africa. African women now prefer to have a deformed baby than to have a dark-skinned child. As unfortunate as it is, you can’t really blame them.

In our society, we cherish light-skinned people and shower them with flattery and give them opportunities just because of the color of their skin. Living at a disadvantage because of the color of your skin can have adverse effects on your self-esteem, causing you to do something as stupid as bleach your child without thinking of the effects it will have on them.

No matter what you’ve had to go through because of the blackness of your skin, you have no right to subject your child to the effects of your own insecurities. You shouldn’t even be qualified to have sex and dream of procreating if your mentality is flawed enough to ingest harmful chemicals for something as trivial as “light skin”.

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We are Africans, and we are black. Some might be fairer but that doesn’t make them any better than those blessed with more melanin. Black is beautiful. Even white people know this. It’s unfortunate how the Western world has influenced black people to the point where we will harm ourselves just to be like them when all they want is to be like us.

African women need to be proud of themselves and what they represent. Black is power. Bleaching your dark skin doesn’t make you white anyway. It just makes you an idiot who will definitely regret your actions in a few years.

We all have choices, yes. If you want to bleach your own skin, go ahead but please leave the innocent children out of it. Yaa Asantewaa didn’t fight just so we can poison the next generation with nonsense chemicals and mess up their self-esteem