Mr. Speaker, Law Or No Law The Gays Are Fabulously Gay And There’s Nothing Parliament Can Do About It

Gay Rights

Majority of Ghanaians portray themselves as unrepentantly homophobic, yet the way they seem to be interested in the activities of gay people makes one come to the conclusion that most of them are really just closet homosexuals who don’t have the balls to come out of the closet. Every day gay people this, gay people that.

Why expend so much energy on something you claim not to care about? It’s not like homosexuals are going around trying to force their preferences down everybody’s throats. They are mostly just people going about their business and loving who they love, but idle Ghanaians who claim to be heterosexuals are always all up in their asses (pun much intended).

The Speaker of Parliament, Prof Mike Oquaye, (who seems to have a lot of time on his hands to be bothering about what gay people do in private) has come out to declare that parliament will not be forced to pass any legislation that supports the rights of gay people in the country. In a speech directed at religious leaders who paid him a courtesy call, he assured them that majority of the parliamentarians in the house are a bunch of homophobes who will never endorse such an act because the majority of Ghanaians that elected them into office were not in support of it.

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He added that they were fed up with demands for gay rights from human rights activists like Amnesty International and foreign governments who threatened to withdraw aid if the practice is not decriminalized.

The thing is, whether they choose to decriminalize homosexuality or not, the practice is still going on. All the homophobia in the world hasn’t been able to stop people from being homosexual. In any case, the only crime homosexuals have committed is choosing to love another person.

Love is a beautiful experience, and two consenting adults who choose to share it with each other mustn’t generate so much animosity from others. You find people arguing that if homosexuality should be encouraged then so should bestiality and pedophilia. These are just petty minds at work and that kind of mentality should be treated with all the scorn it deserves.

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Bestiality and pedophilia are totally different from homosexuality, which is about two consenting adults who have the right to explore their sexuality in whatever way they see fit. It should be none of anyone’s business till it involves an adult sodomizing a minor or if one party is forced into the act against their will. Otherwise, can everybody just concentrate on their own sexuality?

After all, most of the homophobes go round begging women to let them penetrate them through the ass. What does that make them? If you love ass just say it and stop being jealous of those who are not afraid to do what they like. Hypocrites.