Has Sex Become Cheap ?

Well, there is this phenomenon that sex has become very cheap and easy to access these days as you can get it every day, everywhere and anytime.

Sex has become rampant among the youth, married and unmarried couple.

One may disagree with this notion, but according to analysts, it is so easy to get sex especially from a friend ( friends with benefit) with no feelings attached.

One can also have sex with someone in exchange for goodies, favor, or cash. And this is termed as “sex trade”.Married men and women are also having extramarital affairs all in the name of sex. Married men especially are having sex outside their homes with what they termed as ” side chick”. Well, it’s good they know they are side chickens.

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Pastors, Doctors, Teachers, business owners etc, are having sex with church members, patients, students, and employees respectively.

Now the question here is, what accounts for this?

Analysts say that poverty is a major factor as many go in for sex in order to get money and other goodies to fend for themselves.

Also, sexual unsatisfaction among married couples is a major key. Working husbands and wives always come home tired and as result, they are not able to satisfy their partners sexually.

Lack of sex education among the youth is also a major factor. Sex among the youth has become rampant nowadays and has resulted in a rise in teenage pregnancies.

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Another factor is the increase in sex avenues and sex-oriented activities.


Although sex has it’s advantages or health benefits, it also comes with its own problems.

Some of which are broken homes, divorces, an increase in Sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancies and many more, all as a result of one partner having extramarital affairs.


An increase in sex education at home, school, the church will educate the implications of premarital sex.

Married couples should also be educated on the implications and consequences of adultery.

A lot has been said, but the most important of it all is to have self-love, respect for yourself, and that sense to protect your dignity and virginity!

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