Beautiful Young Ghanaian Lesbians-Ella and Sikel’s LOVE Becomes Relationship GOALS of Many

Ella and Sikel

Ghana, a conservative religious and cultural country is largely anti-homosexual. Most Ghanaians proudly state that they detest homosexuals and continue to slam same-sex couples on social media.

However, two beautiful young Ghanaian lesbians-Ella and Sikel’s lovely same-sex relationship captured in a 3 minutes video has attracted less bashing than expected or the usual.

The video, which is a collection of photos and clips of the young couple was published on GhanaCelebrities.Com’s Facebook page and in less than 12 hours, it has received almost 2,000 comments.

Usually, it would be unending insults and scripture quotes, telling the same-sex couple they are heading to hell.

But this time, some Ghanaians are being inspired by the beauty of their relationship, presented in the video. Mari Ann wrote: “I hate lesbianism too but is Lyk those two girls are cute together……hmm anyway is their own choice….let no one judge”Nene Quabna Golly Fred Jr commented: “They cute together . It’s Jx our Ghanaian mentality that’s killing is love bruh pls let God be the judge even Pastors are going black power on our parents in churches for that we talk about it hmmm Blackman?.”

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Dyno Dyno added: “Women are always like this when together. You can’t even tell the lesbians apart. Mtcheew. If it were men, nka the insults will flow pleeenty but somehow lesbianism is seen to be cool and even sexy. #boysabr3.”

Of course, the gay-hating idiots came out—and one even said he would rape the couple. JA Mal wrote: “I swear walahi anywhere any day I catch this girls I will rape them,make them jail me the way am lacking and suffering to get one girl in this modern Ghana and their here wasting them selfs and the Tonga.”

When it comes to Ghana, it’s not just the mindset of the people that drives the hatred against the LGBT community—there is an obsolete legislation on the statute books of Ghana that criminalizes “unnatural carnal knowledge”

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The Human Rights Watch in a recent damning report on Ghana concluded that; “having a law on the books that criminalizes adult consensual same-sex conduct contributes to a climate in which LGBT people are frequently victims of violence and discrimination,”

Check out the video below…