When That Person Takes You for Granted | My Private Diary as It Reads…


One thing I totally detest is to be taken for granted. Especially when someone you least expect it from does it to you.

I had just gone to the bathroom, and was on my way back to my seat, when I saw him beckon to me. Of course I went to find out why he was calling me, which was when he told me he needed my phone to make a call to the niece he told me about earlier on, since he had no units on his phone.

After handing over my phone, I asked him if he could not convey whatever he wanted to say to her via what’s up, which by the way is free. His response was that the phone was a land line and not a smart one. It made sense, so I let it go and took a seat beside him waiting for him to finish his call.

My inquisitive self found my ears eagerly listening to the conversation taking place between him and the person at the other end. That was when I realised that yours truly was being taken for a bumpy ride.

So what happened?  Well, he called the number which was supposed to be his niece’s, but it was not going through and as a result decided to call another number, which I wasn’t against since it was all in a bid to reach her, to relay some very important message to her. Or so I thought!

Before I knew what was going on there, Mr man was busy talking to someone else, about how to get admission into a certain school for one family member of his! What do you take me for?  A fool who had nothing better to do with the units on her phone?  I felt insulted and used. But decided to keep my cool, and get my phone back once he was done with his “niece”.

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After what seems like forever, I heard him say bye to the person at the other end, and took that as my cue to go get that which was mine, since I had left him to go sit by a friend a couple of seats away.

You cannot believe what I saw when I got to where he was! He was in the process of making another call, with my phone, without my permission! Mind you, I gave him the phone, based on what he told me he was going to do with it, and not what he actually did with it! Well, to cut the long story short, I told him to hand my phone over to me. That was when he started telling me he needed to make a follow up call. Wait a minute; didn’t you know you needed to ask for my permission before proceeding?

At this point, I could care less what he needed to do, or who he needed to speak to. From the look of things, he realised there was no talking his way out of the mess he had created, and gave me back that which was rightfully mine. I took back my phone, and walked away from him…and from any meaningful relationship I had ever thought we could have.

The most we can be as I speak now, are acquaintances, as there can never be any form of trust from my end in such a person.  And, even though I regret this incidence, I thank God for using it to reveal who he really is to me, before I made a serious mistake in the near future by trusting him with something far more important than my phone.

Mr man is actually a gentle and nice guy. You know, the listening type you can talk to about any and everything. With him I am free to be me and no one else.  He has that type of laughter that makes you happy just by hearing it. And his smile is so cute and warm, that it melts every little bit of ice left in your once frozen heart, making you wonder where he was while you were wasting your youthful years away  with the frogs from your past. He is that type of guy who doesn’t need to announce his presence, as it is a silent yet strong one felt by all and sundry.

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He is a bit slow in speech, which is something I don’t really mind. In fact I do find his calm approach to life quite appealing, since majority of the guys I hang out with are way too talkative and loud. I guess birds of the same feathers do hang out afterall.  So yeah, he is a welcome solace to this rather chaotic world of mine.

Things were actually going on well, till this happened.  And now,  I am left wondering if this is someone I want to move on to the next level with. I don’t know about you, but the fact that he looked me in the face, right into my eyes and lied to me is pretty much a deal breaker. There is no way I can trust someone like that.

So tell me, do you think I am taking this too far? Should I forgive him, forget what happened, and give him another chance? How did you deal with someone betraying your trust? Did you forgive and forget?


AkosuaGhana says:

I think you do not have to cut a man off because he used your phone even if out of the scope of your permission. This is not much of a breach of trust. I think there should be rooms for these little behaviour from people even if they seem dishonst. So if it was me, I wouldnt cut him off and I think you have gone too far. But we are all different anyway

Adwoa says:

Thanks for the response Akosuaghana….the thing is if I wouldn’t do something to you I don’t expect you to do it to me…but then again nobody is perfect so will forgive but keep my eyes open well well….o and by the way I like how you freely express your mind on gc 🙂

Catherine says:

Hmmmm I do think you are taking it too far but then again we are all different and what works for the gander may not work for the goose. Do you sister

Adwoa says:

Thanks for sharing your thought Catherine….I guess you’re right. …to err is human….will be giving him a second and last chance and I hope he doesn’t mess that up this time.