VIDEO: Meet the First Spotted GAY Sheep in Ghana | Who is Going to Lynch Them?

File image; Male sheep

File image; Male sheep

Even though there are over 1500 species of animals who practice homosexual acts with Bonobos, our “over-sexed” relatives also doing it, one of our freelancer reporters based in Ghana says he spotted his first sheep practicing homosexual act.

And interesting, he brought out his phone to capture the two sheep almost about to have ‘gay sex’.

Considering the majority Ghanaian view on homosexuals being that this act is an abomination and being both legally and morally wrong, this video is pretty interesting.

This is a country where in recent times a young alleged gay man was lynched to his near death and a group of women suspected to be lesbians were also heavily assaulted at Teshie, a suburb of the capital-Accra.

For many Ghanaians, their culture and religion frown on ‘homosexualism’ and those who engage in such activities ought to be punished—not necessarily by the law but by the society. The funny thing is people who often raise these objections go ahead to exhibit different forms of behaviour which their culture and religion frown on, but the irony never seems to hit them.

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Legally, engaging in unnatural carnal knowledge in Ghana is a crime which attracts 5 to 25 years prison sentence. And even though Ghana has received Aid threats from countries like the United Kingdom along the lines that if the West African country fails to grant ‘gay rights’, support flow will be cut off, Ghana has maintained its homosexual laws on its statute books. The public opinion has not changed either—this is very much influenced by religion.

Of course these two sheep who are seemingly engaging in the “forbidden act” on a Ghanaian soil cannot be prosecuted because animals are exempted from the workings of the law—but this could point to some Ghanaians that, if animals are somewhat into this on our land too, then the widespread argument that such acts are of western influence have no reasonable standing.

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Unless you want to tell me that these sheep have been influenced by western ideas and philosophies, and as such they ought to be killed for the next soup, we need to re-examine the arguments that, ‘homosexualism’ is non-African and it has just been imported from the West.

Check out the video below…