Pokey Nose Inna Patty Sends Her Lawyers After Miss Ghana Queen Over Pimping & Exploitation Allegations—What An Idiot

Inna Patty

I’ve met a number of shameless people in this world, including Afia Schwarzenegger but Inna Patty seems to be the most shameless and perhaps the dumbest of all the dummies.

Inna Patty, whose company, Exclusive Events Ghana organises Miss Ghana Beauty pageant recently reported as having become more of an escort agency over allegations of Inna Patty pimping out the Queens to men for sponsorship deals—and also exploiting and abusing the winners, has for the second time paid one of the foremost law firms in Ghana to issue a letter on her behalf.

The law firm, Akufo-Addo, Prempeh & Co, the President of Ghana’s law firm, had earlier issued a drunkard statement demanding that media houses and publishers cease all publications about the alleged Miss Ghana funds embezzlement, exploitation, pimping and abuse—threatening legal actions against any person and media outlet that would make further publications.

Of course, that was nonsense and the letter was treated with the contempt it deserved as media houses in Ghana, including the BBC continued with publications on the scandal.

Letter from Inna Patty’s lawyers

Now, the unashamed pokey nose woman, has instructed her lawyers to threaten Miss Ghana 2015 winner-Antoinette Delali Kemavor, asking that she apologizes to Inna Patty and Exclusive Events Ghana—and also retract her claims that Inna Patty told her to be “sweet” and “acceptable” of whatever a man they were seeking sponsorship from would demand from her.

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On this new letter, GhanaCelebrities.Com has stated among other things that;

Inna Patty wants to go court–perhaps, this is when we need to be steadfast and remind ourselves of General Mosquito’s slogan; “any idiot can go to court in a democracy.”

It’s laughable that one of the most expensive law firms in Ghana, couldn’t even get today’s date right on their threatening letter.

And I completely agree with the guys at GhanaCelebrities.Com—what an idiot, in my opinion.