VIDEO: In The Grips Of Madness- Woman Supposedly Gives Birth To Bible And Baby Girl In Nigeria


You often hear of white people who think the whole of Africa is a country. Or those who still live under the misconception that Africans are barbarians who do nothing but kill each and swing from trees. People like those betray the worst kind of ignorance, which is still nothing compared to what we can produce down here ourselves.

Whenever the go ahead is given for a field of study concerning religious and superstitious bullsh*t- Africa would certainly be ground zero. To find a society that has deeply internalised religion to the point where it informs every facet of life, you’d be hard pressed to beat Africa.

And the descent into ignorance and superstition leads inevitably, to only one conclusion- and it is one that is indistinguishable from madness. As Neil DeGrase Tyson once said, ‘if your kid is writhing on the ground, he’s suffering from epilepsy, he has not been possessed by the devil. We’ve got that covered.’ Without that crucial bit of scientific knowledge, that kid would be subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment. Behaviour from adults that, to an outsider looking in, would look like madness, for subjecting an innocent kid to such torment.

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So knowledge, as we all know, is power. It empowers. Without it, you can have an entire town behaving like buffoons, which watching the video below, is an inescapable conclusion.

It always amazes me how people can look for inane ‘miracles’ and use them to proclaim the power of their God, when the world has much more pressing issues. If you really want to show your power as a diety, why appear on pieces of toast, or as a cloud formation in the sky, or manifesting through a woman’s hoohah during birth- what exactly does this accomplish?



We’re talking about a continent with a majority of people impoverished, where child malnutrition and diseases run rampant. We are talking about a continent that in the past has been ravaged by war that included child soldiers, that recently was ravaged by Ebola that killed over 10,000 people. A woman giving birth to a bible seems like the most useless use of a God’s power that I’ve ever heard of, and if these people give it a second’s thought they would probably think so too. But often with religion, people never go beyond the surface emotion.

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So if God is really up there, considering the things he did in Biblical times, this is a very sad relegation, appearing out of people’s vaginas. There are many things that make me ashamed to be an African, and this video illustrates a very huge part of that.

Flashback Video…Woman Gives Birth To An Holy Bible And A Baby Girl In Ila Orangun, Osun State Nigeria

Posted by Gossip Mill Nigeria on Tuesday, 8 December 2015