My Bi-Sexual Friend in Germany Has Been Bewitched By Her Family Witches And Wizards in Africa

Black Woman

I do not believe in anything resembling a God, neither do I believe in anything accredited with anti-God powers. Unfortunately, a lot of people, without persuasive evidence believe there’s a God, Satan, a bunch of angels and demons—including witchcraft.

To me, what we know about the universe is highly infinitesimal, compared to the unknown. But because a section of us are intellectually lazy, when faced with new phenomena, often shocking and puzzling, we opt for the easiest way out and attribute the mystery to a God or the opposite, Satan and his legion of f**kers.

I grew up in a Christian home and therefore for about 18 years of my life, I believed in the existence of a God and Satan and joined many others in numerous prayer sessions to fight the devil and his dark allies.

As I probed further and began to examined the origin and development of the God and Satan concept, I came to realize Satan and God have been thriving in the gaps of the unknown—and anytime we solved a mystery, we quickly realize God or Satan had nothing to do with it the puzzle.For instance, while it’s widely accepted that rainfall is a natural phenomenon, not influenced by any God or Satan, just as day and night occur because of the movement of the earth around the sun, a bunch of primitive minded Ghanaians still believe a God or Satan controls rainfall.

Therefore, in certain parts of Ghana, people pray to different God(s) and “other powers” when rain is delayed or falls in excess. The belief in God automatically gives credence to the existence of Satan and many other things. It’s like a food chain—one connects to the other.

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One of my friends, a bi-sexual, who lives in Germany-Akosua has been bewitched by her family witches and wizards, a third man of God told her mother on Thursday during a prayer session in Hamburg.

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For over 5 years, my friend’s mother has been pressuring her to settle down—and though she’s a bi-sexual who has had more years of lesbian relationships, she has only been given an option to pick a husband and make some African babies.

That doesn’t seem much of a choice but the mother claims she has taken too long to decide and has, therefore, turned to God, to interfere and somewhat “compel” her daughter to settle down.

During this 5 years, my friend says her mother has tried to pair her up with a lot of assholes, including men in Ghana and whenever she turns down such arrangements, the mother would fast for three days—claiming it has been revealed to her and many of her pastors that Akosua, an intelligent Philosophy graduate, has been bewitched.

It’s isn’t only Akosua; I’ve heard stories of numerous Ghanaians who are said to have been bewitched. When a Ghanaian cannot find a job, prayers are needed to remove an invisible obstacle preventing a job from coming his or her way. When a Ghanaian woman cannot conceive, it’s sometimes attributed to witches and wizards—and once again, prayers are needed to restore the womb.

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In fact, I’ve been told a lot of ridiculous stories about the activities of witches and wizards. In one case, a woman’s womb was said to have been removed and eaten by her family witches and wizards. Suddenly, witches and wizards are surgically trained to locate the womb and take it out without any complications, all at night.

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Back to Akosua: though she is living in Germany, her family witches and wizards who do not have passports or visas are able to travel miles from Ghana and have sex with her each night, another pastor told her mother.

And it’s these demonic sex that’s preventing her from settling down. To them, it’s not that she has not met the person she wants to settle down with—and this person can be a woman, an option that’s not available to her per her mother.

For me, witchery is pure hocus pocus and yet almost a majority of my people believe they exist and have astronomical powers capable of destroying human beings and their future.

Soon, my friend herself would be declared a witch by one of these men of God and things would turn nasty.

Do you believe witches and wizards exist, based on what do you hold this belief—and what has your experiences with any been?