VIDEO: A Black Pastor Says the Jesus Christ in Your Homes & Churches is A Fraud | And That’s Never Jesus So Stop Idolizing Him

Pastor Gino Jennings

Pastor Gino Jennings

It’s interesting when the education comes from within—this is not even any deep education because every reasonable person ought to know that the various images being paraded around as Jesus Christ is never the Jewish Rabbi who is believed to have once walked the earth teaching.

Though the divinity of Jesus Christ and his claim as being the son of God is in doubt to all free thinkers including non Christians like Muslims, because there is no evidence to suggest that he was what some people claim he is—it’s largely accepted that, at best, some sort of a ‘deluded’ Rabbi went around teaching at the era he was said to have lived.

So on a favourable deduction, Jesus was no different to the Chinese philosopher-Confucius or the classical Greek philosopher-Socrates.

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All the new super-natural claims which were championed by early Christians as Jesus having performed miracles, being the son of God and having resurrected cannot be reasonably proved— and in the below video, Pastor Gino Jennings trashed down the image of Jesus Christ which for many years has existed in the homes and churches of people as that of the Messiah.

Of course, that’s not Jesus Christ—the simplest explanation is that no Jew of his time would even look like the widely accepted image.

In fact, according to forensic expert- Richard Neave, Jesus may today “be shown as a Caucasian man with long, flowing light brown hair in many religious artworks, but Jesus would have likely had a darker complexion and short, dark, curly hair” like shown in the image below.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

This image was reconstructed by Richard Neave from studying Semite skulls using modern-day forensic techniques. His portrait shows the Son of God as having “had a wide face, dark eyes, a bushy beard and short curly.”

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Yet Christians, more sadly Black Christians continue to worship and bow to a Caucasian man which has been presented to them as the Messiah by the early white missionaries—a tool used to pin down white supremacy down into their sub consciousness.

I may not agree with Pastor Gino Jennings on a lot, including the existence of a God—but one thing is for sure, he can see through this segment of the fraud.

The question is; why can’t he see through the entire hogwash? And my answer is; because it benefits him to hold the other segments as true.

Watch the below video and tell us what you think…

Pastors are waking upYour pastors are waking up

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