Using What You Have To Get What You Want. Quid Pro Quo Or Blatant Prostitution?

In this day and age when people have gotten so materialistic and people only accord you respect based on the phone you use or the car you drive, it is hard for young people especially ladies to live within the means of what they can afford without extra funding from a benevolent “sponsor”. As a result, most young ladies are forced to use what they have to get what they want, as the saying goes.

Even women who are gainfully employed still depend on male benefactors to provide them with luxuries such as cars, the latest iPhone, trips to Dubai, shopping sprees and the like. As long as these “benefactors” are given the title “boyfriend”, it is deemed acceptable to grant them access to their bodies in exchange for money and luxuries.

Women who choose not to be strapped with one particular “sponsor” and choose to have multiple “sponsors” who they offer sexual favors in exchange for financial support are deemed as prostitutes or whores. Using what you have to get what you want is no longer seen as the blatant prostitution that it is, but a display of empowerment.

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Recently, Nana Aba Anamoah boldly came out to say she will gladly cook for her “partner” because she expects him to buy her a new car when she needs it so he expecting her to cook is nothing short of quid pro quo. Hand go, hand come. Nothing to see here.

Stephanie Benson is on record to have said she used her big b**b to get a contract. She employed the use of her biological assets to get what she wanted. Not considered prostitution.  Fella Makafui has also been accused by her colleague Efia Odo of exchanging sexual favors with influential men for sex. These are all instances of “using what you have”.  To them, it’s just an exchange that shouldn’t be counted as a robbery (or prostitution).

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How different are these women from the regular “ashawo” who operates at night in street corners hustling for “customers”. They are also trying to use what they have to get what they want, only that they haven’t branded themselves in a way that will make it seem like a mere business exchange.

Whichever way you look at it, women are exchanging sexual favors for financial assistance or using their bodies to influence men to provide their needs. Whether you choose to call it empowerment or prostitution is a topic that should be left for Pepper Them. For now, all we can say is, power to the women!