Religion, Pleasure, and the Holy Grail of Human Freakiness—the Leaked Video of A Pastor’s Wife


My wife is a Christian but in our marriage and bedroom, she’s the woman her man wants her to be—there’s nothing religious or conservative about our inner dealings.

Over the weekend, I had a chat with a new friend, whose father is a Pastor—and she said; “I will be whatever my man wants me to be.” That’s refreshing and the keyword remains ‘whatever.’

Religious fundamentalism is not a stone throw away from primitive rigidness: a lot of Christians are single and others have broken relationships, mostly with cheating men, because they believe doing certain things, even for a partner is ungodly or remains a religious taboo.Yet, a leaked video said to be of a Pastor’s wife, though unfortunate captures the overwhelming freakiness and the fire that seem to exist in their relationship.

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In the video, the fair beautiful woman who has probably recently given birth and yet has an amazing body is seen shaking her things, and even sucking her nips—the p**n style way. It’s said that the video was recorded for her husband who was away.

That’s Osofo Maame, a freak—and a woman who understands that religious conservatism and absolute rigidness have no place in contemporary relationships.

Pleasure has no religion and even in the face of the risk of leaks, women who understand that relationships thrive on such things continue to push the borderlines.

If you are a woman listening to a primitive Pastor or Osofo, mostly pretenders, as far as your individual sexual need is concerned—you are being fooled.

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Osofo Maame is even a freak—so you sit down and wait for a street freak to tear down your relationship with your thy Kingdom come sex positions.

I respect the woman for her extensive and enviable freakiness.

I am sure God and the angels watch her awesome sex sessions with her husband all the night. And she’s clean-shaved!

Christians, first and foremost human beings, have sexual needs–I mean aggressive needs, like every other person. Most just pretend to their own detriment!