A Lot of African Women Are Literally Like the Same Sex Dolls They’re Talking Trash About, Writes-CHRIS-VINCENT

Black Sex doll

A large number of African women bring a lot into relationships but a significant number of them come in with just their coochies—and they smugly argue that, unless a man is married to a woman, the woman shouldn’t perform wife-like duties.

Of course, the absurdity of the above assertion is obvious: you are ready to offer sex to a man who is not married to you, but anything else, ought to be classified as wife duties.

Since sex, probably boring sex is what a huge number of these women, a group I contemptuously call “Yaanom” bring to the tables of relationships, devoid of even intelligent conversations whatsoever, they are literally like the sex dolls flooding the market.

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The African Social Media landscape has featured several comments from women claiming that the influx of those beautifully shaped sex dolls shouldn’t  be encouraged and shouldn’t be regarded as a threat to their kind—because the dolls cannot clean, cook, talk or do anything apart from being f**ked.

The truth is; that’s exactly what many of these women have become in relationships and therefore getting mad and erecting arguments such as the above is self-defeating. You can’t or don’t clean, cook, wash or bring anything valuable to the relationship table except the coochie–so what’s the difference?

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The sex dolls, which are selling for about 2000 dollars got a lot of people including Nigeria’s superstar-Wizkid talking.


Considering how much some African men spend on the many only sex-offering girlfriends: paying for their rent, long weaves, mobile phones, cars, fuel, make-up, food and drinks—it wouldn’t be imprudent to consider a permanent flexible alternative without increasing cost of maintenance.

And the plus is; some of the dolls look exactly like these women too with–their long “vampire” nails, weaves and pumped up b**b.