Lesbianism Will Not Be Bad After All | Do Not Judge Ye That Chose That Path


I may come across as a ‘woman Mandela’ of a sort, not fighting for freedom but advocating an act which society frowns upon. An act that my shrinking Christianity background has left me to believe the creator actually loathes. The truth is I am dismissing that possibility of the creator supposed hatred for the act but neither am I saying He rejoices in heaven when He watches the children created in an image of Him put up such an appalling show.

Society has taken it upon itself to create a ‘perfect picture’ when the issue of lesbianism is raised and the emotion they accrue this particular subject is becoming unnecessarily irrelevant.

Well I could not blame any soul because just like everybody else I had no contrary opinions.  I thought, no I believed lesbianism was a Doctorate in evilness, like it was the peak of all the evil things one could possibly imagine let alone live it.

It is either you are encapsulated by an evil deity that probably do not exist or you are stared with eyes that spells outcast in every language ; and the one that adds salt to potential injuries being the murmuring amidst the silly comments passed. Comments aimed at you yet delivered in a way that makes you question your sanity. In a grand scheme of things, such ridicules are not much of a surprise; it is just society trying to maintain a status quo and protect a reputation that exists only in our individual miniature heads.

I mean how a female conceived in the womb of another woman being sexually attracted to a kind of her own is a mental case. I know some of these female creations can be provocatively sexy and all that; to extremes where a look at another female leaves you licking your lips and getting wet at places that you never thought water could make a home. The God created Adam and Eve noise and the narrowing down of sex to animals; where people have comforted their sanctimonious conscience with animals even mating their unlike poles.

Lesbianism will not be bad after all. A dig into the affairs of lesbians left a tint on the perfect picture society created. Lesbians are obviously not angels sent down to earth to carry human afflictions neither are they the favorites of the devil sent down to pollute earth. Howbeit they are females who have chosen to explore their sexuality to the latter. They are no less of a sinner than the women who have had three abortions or the irresponsible father who do not even know how his child looks or the president who makes promises that never enters the realms of reality or the politician whose optimum goal is to loot the poor tax payer’s money into his private coffers. A pope who has sworn an oath to serve the creator all the days of his life is no holier than a lesbian

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Sex is sex and the parties involved should be less of an issue as far as both parties have the ultimate satisfaction that sex is meant to bring and of course, when there is consent. “If your mother had chosen to be a lesbian, would you be alive to be practicing such an obnoxious act” is amongst the many concerns that people bring to bare when the subject is raised. What people refuse to understand is though we are all humans, we hold different beliefs and ideals so all females certainly cannot and will not opt for it. To that effect I guess a calculative math would take care of procreation.

Human misconception

Human misconception

No it is not disgusting! Men have told lies that at a point had them believing in it all in the name and hopes of having a bite at the meat-ed pie that lay in between the thighs of every Eve. Think of rape cases and attribute it to whatever and think of why anyone would go to this extent for something this ordinary yet strong and worthy; something that leaves husbands going back on their sacred vows, gets boyfriends reciting unapologetic sorrys and make an older man subject to the whims and caprices of a girl who could pass for a daughter.

“These hoes aint loyal” but these lesbians are loyal in every sense of the word in a world where loyalty is an ambiguity, a state of mind. Their possessive nature coupled with their unrelenting jealousy is capable of reviving a corpse. Who does not want to have that indispensable effect on anyone; the overly protective nature and the sense of belongingness that these women can imbibe in you is overwhelming, an observed feeling from afar and I know I cannot be wrong.

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It is only right to want to have a taste of something you have but from another person. We have golden tree chocolates in this part of the world yet our cravings for Cadbury chocolates cannot be replenished with the largest bar of golden three chocolate; I guess variety is the spice of life is a saying fighting to be more than a sheer cliché.

The Bible frowns on anger, prostitution, infidelity; childbirth out of wedlock yet frowns on abortions. The Bible as a supreme guide that society consciously or unconsciously use as a tool to judge right from wrong contradicts a  lot of immorality so I see no reason why society has to be picky when it comes to certain behavioral diversities, it does not make sense. Sin is sin regardless of the shades and shapes it may come in.

“For this reason God gave them up for dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another committing shameless act and receiving the due penalty”  Romans 26-27. I could not in no ways with tangible reasons advocate lesbianism.

All I am advocating is for society to be less of “God’s appointed judges” and be more of friends and a little lot understanding. The condemnation do not change them any ways, it makes them feel different. If He who created the little-iest living thing says He came for the unrighteous then I need not ask “who are we”

Lesbianism will not be bad after all, do not judge ye that chose that path.