Why Should One Religion Be Offered SPECIAL RIGHTS to Being Offended?


For many, the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris is an attempt to cut the throat of Freedom of Speech—and for others, it’s an attempt by non-real Muslims parading themselves as Muslims to go on with their ideologies of killing and taint the Islamic faith…

Majority of Muslims are not killers and do not belong to any terrorist organisation but for a long time, these tiny group of non-real Muslims who are well spread around the world have been committing a lot of atrocities in the name of Islam and the name of the Prophet Mohammed—isn’t it time for the real Muslims to stand up to join the West to throw deadly punches at these non-real Muslims?

The last decade has seen increase in extremism and fanatical killings; a direct correlation to the increase in the global fight against terrorism by the West—a clear indication that, the West is not winning the war on terror.

The West has attempted and done enough in efforts to eradicate extremists who have clothed themselves with Islam—and have cooked several doctrines tocorrupt its members under the disguise of the Islamic faith. But the counter attacks seem to be getting indiscriminately bigger as these non-real Muslims have turned their guns on the West, killing each and everybody they may find—including their own Muslim brothers and sisters.Anjem Tweet

Of course they are not real Muslims and it’s evident in how they kill their own people—the real Muslims are often counted to be killed alongside those who do not belong to the Islamic faith. The Paris attacks led to the death of two police officers, one was a Muslim—a clear indication that, many of these killings have not truly been about the Prophet or Islam, but founded on some never would understand ideologies.

It’s no more a debate of Muslims killing non-Muslims or attacking the West because the West is full of Muslims and these killers continue to put to death those we know as real Muslims. It is therefore a question of; how do we get rid of these non-real Muslims? And to make the fight easy, the real Muslims must join us all in a fight against these extremists that we’ve all agreed are not part of Islam.

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Let’s not kid ourselves with the activities of Charlie Hebdo—the magazine was a pain in the butt but a fair distributor of its own understanding of satire. It attacked literally everything and every religion; Islam and the Holy Prophet had their fair share but the Catholic faith and the Pope suffered even more…

Politicians and certain Politics were constantly ridiculed by the magazine and the Jews were constantly under the pencil attacks of the magazine. But one thing is clear; none of the non-real Catholics or the fake Jews pulled a gun to their offices to kill them, for the many drawings which were not in favour of their beliefs or practices…At worse, the magazine was sued but its cartoonists and journalists were not murdered in broad day light for digging deeper than we may want with the concept of Free Speech by any of the other groups (fake or real) that they ‘satired’.

I do not want to believe the killers were real Muslims as stated above but that does not water down the hovering understanding that, any attack on the Islamic faith even if within the perimeters of Free Speech is not welcomed—an odious stand which gives the non real-Muslims a bandwagon to jump on and commit all manner of atrocities in the name of the faith.

Following the Paris killing, Muslim activist-Anjem Choudary wrote an open letter entitled ‘People Know The Consequences’—simply saying, Islam cannot be treated like the other religions when it comes to Free Speech.

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In the letter, which was published by USA Today, Choudary stated among other things that, “Contrary to popular misconception, Islam does not mean peace but rather means submission to the commands of Allah alone. Therefore, Muslims do not believe in the concept of freedom of expression, as their speech and actions are determined by divine revelation and not based on people’s desires.”

On social media, Choudary again tweeted; “Freedom of Expression does not extend to insulting the Prophets of Allah, whatever your views on the events in Paris today!.” Anjem Choudary is not alone when it comes to this diabolical quest to have Islam and its Prophets be given some special treatment under Free Speech, that is, abort Free Speech when Islam is involved…

Naturally, you cannot expect two different people let alone groups to react the same to being offended but that doesn’t mean, one group should be elevated to such a status that, offending them even if within the laws of the land would amount to your head being chopped off…

If the Christians would take a jab of offence thrown at their Prophets when it comes within the umbrella of Free Speech, why shouldn’t the Muslims be required, in fact, be compelled to do the same?

The essence of Free Speech was well captured by Voltaire when he said “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”  That is the meaning and beauty of Free Speech—not the calls to have it curbed for any group of persons based on their own doctrines…

The question remains; Why Should One Religion Be Offered SPECIAL RIGHTS to Being Offended?


Addy says:

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”  That is the meaning and beauty of Free Speech—not the calls to have it curbed for any group of persons based on their own doctrines… ”
Agreed…if Christianity and the other religions can be scrutinised without fear why must islam be any different

Manassehatsu says:

Anjem Choudary would have had an ‘accident’ long time ago if he wasn’t a mole for MI6 and the rest. He should have been dealt with when he started his nonsense. If he doesn’t believe in an open society then he should be back in Pakistan and stop collecting benefits. This idiot is a useful tool for the british intelligence agencies because they can parade him around when they need their budgets increased. How can someone so vile and who openly call for the killing of innocent people be allowed to live in Britain? I am particularly irritated by the obscurantist f**kwads using western technology, which left to them would not be invented, to propagate their messages. Anjem Choudary and the rest of his murderers should never have twitter, facebook or any other online account. We the tolerant, who believe in an open society, should never tolerate the intolerant. Anjem Choudary and the rest of his believers deserved to be dispatched to their ‘jihadi’ heaven. So they can have their virgins and leave us alone. After all that is what they are working for.

The irony is; what Anjem wrote and published was allowed because of Free Speech, yet he seems to say, he does not believe in Free Speech and it should not be allowed.