Noisy Street Evangelist Arrested Publicly And Thrown In Jail For “Causing Public Nuisance”

A so-called Evangelist got exactly what he deserved when he was arrested in the middle of “proclaiming the gospel of the Lord” through a Public Address System in Sunyani behind the central roundabout.  32 year old Evangelist Alexander Ahiave thought it was going to be business as usual and thought it wise to disturb public peace in the name of preaching the word of God, only for the police to show up, handcuff him right there in front of his “congregation” and shove him into a taxi.

Needless to say, this attracted a rather large audience who were wondering what criminal activity this “Man of God” might have indulged in to warrant such a disgraceful arrest. According to the police, the Evangelist had no operational permit. Section One of the Public Order Act 1994 (Act 491) states that “Any person who desires to hold any special event in any public place shall notify the Police of his intention not less than five days before the date of the special event”.

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The Brong Ahafo Regional Commander of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department, Superintendent  Stella Sedame, confirmed the arrest in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, warning evangelists who have not obtained the necessary permits to do so or be made to face the law. She worried about the ubiquitous “self-styled evangelists” who were parading the streets of Sunyani making a lot of noise and being a nuisance to the public.

The Superintendent made it clear that the law is no respecter of persons and anyone, (even those who claim to be authorized by the Almighty himself) found in breach is subject to be dealt with. She assured the public that the Police Service was ever ready to ensure the law is strictly enforced to ensure the safety of the public.

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It is so relieving to know that these noisemakers are getting thrown in jail one after the other. The earlier they realize the criminality of their unwarranted noise shenanigans, the better for all of us.

Hopefully, the police will start to descend on the trotro pastors who impose their message on unsuspecting passengers and end up asking for “collection” as if they have no shame. Actually, they don’t. It takes a certain level of shamelessness to go out in public preaching falsehood, disturbing people’s peace and expecting to be rewarded for it.