Is iPhone for IDIOTS? | This Jimmy Kimmel Live Video Seems to Say YES

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Almost each year, Apple drops a new iPhone and sometimes, what they call a new phone has nothing really over the old—but people rush to buy the latest and the company never runs at a lost doing this…

For the smart ones, Apple and its media friends have succeeded in programming our minds with lies; always saying the new has something different from the old when mostly, we can’t notice it—or when it’s just a change in size or something small we really do not need.

Even without anything having been changed, the below video shows that people will buy into Apple’s gimmick, just tell them it’s the latest from the technology giant. And somehow, the minds of these people will begin to find what does not exist on the gadgets as being there and give it undeserving compliments.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live decided to some extent show that, the regular worldwide chase of new iPhones is something for idiots—and irrespective of what Apple presents, people will go for it.

So the 2007 first iPhone was given to people and these people were told that, it is the latest from Apple which hits stores in a few weeks—and not only did these people believe it, they actually had a lot of great things to say about the phone.

Remember, what was in their hands was the 2007 iphone; the wacky one…

Check out the video below…