Ghana’s Vice President Has Been Flown to UK for Medical Care–And You Say Ghana is Not A SHITHOLE

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

Yesterday, it was announced that the Vice President of Ghana-Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has fallen sick and within just a few hours, 3News reports that he has been flown to the UK for medical care on doctors’ advice.

He is said to have left Ghana on Friday in the company of his wife, Samira.

What happened to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Ghana’s flagship health facility?

Despite the above, a lot of Ghanaians back home are deluded that Ghana is not a shithole and that those who live in the United Kingdom and other developed countries should leave the medical care that their important leaders and politicians run to, and come to Ghana.It’s sad that our politicians, the architects of our development and future have means and access to foreign health care facilities and therefore do not care about erecting same back home, for their own people.

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Ask yourself this; if you were sick or suffering from whatever is wrong with Dr Bawumia, would you have been able to fly yourself to the UK in a few hours–even if doctors’ advised so?

It’s a shame that our leaders continue to do this–but it’s even more pathetic that the ordinary Ghanaians cannot see the grand piss-take of their own leaders.

And it’s not only Ghana, Nigeria’s current President-Muhammadu Buhari spent the much of 2017 in the United Kingdom–for health treatment.

If you find yourself out of the SHITHOLE, smugly smile!