Churches Are Nothing But Promoters Of Corruption – Rev Prof Emmanuel Martey

There is a saying that when a hyena comes to reveal that his fellow hyenas eat shit, you don’t ask for proof before accepting it as fact. Yes, there’s definitely a saying like that. Who best to know the way criminals operate than a criminal himself?

A renowned Man Of God has come out with some not-so-startling revelations about churches, and we totally believe him. Normally when we talk about corruption, the first people that come to mind are politicians, and who can blame us? However,  former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey has revealed that politicians are not the only ones responsible for promoting corruption in our society.

In his opinion, the constitution, culture and… wait for it….. The Church!!! (surprise, surprise) were solely responsible for the menace. Who would have thought, right? Making a contribution at an Institute of Economic Affairs roundtable discussion on the theme: “Can Ghana Win the Fight Against Corruption”, the controversial religious leader opined that the activities of the church have contributed to the growing corruption menace in Ghana.

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He said, “There is a paralysis of analysis as regards corruption in this country. We have not really touched the root cause(s) of corruption… Our constitution promotes corruption, Ghanaian culture promotes corruption. Ghana has a gift receiving and giving culture. Gifts are appreciated when given so even if a politician in an election year goes round and takes gifts with him and gives to traditional leaders, it is appreciated…. This is killing our nation.”

Well, it is no secret that religious leaders are ardent gift-receivers who preach against people who don’t have a “giving nature”. Some have been known to blackmail followers into “gifting” them cars and houses with their guilt-inducing sermons. Corrupt politicians who make “generous donations” to the church can do no wrong and are praised for their kind-heartedness, making the poor feel like stingy bastards who do not deserve God’s blessings.

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It doesn’t take a Man of God to make forward-thinking people realize that the church is the shelter for corrupt people who are generous enough to have their corruption “wiped away” with a few well-delivered gifts. Give a Pastor enough money and he’ll find a Bible verse to legitimize your sinful deeds.