Django Unchained Actress-Danièle Watts Arrested & Detained By LAPD After Kissing White Husband When She Was Mistaken For a Prostitute | Now Where Are My Prostitute Dressing Black Women?


Fashion has no rules and this translates as, some black women can literally walk the street wearing close to nothing, showing every detail of their coochie to their bum—and interestingly, the stars in Africa and other part of the world perpetuate this…

On Friday, it emerged that Danièle Watts, an African-American actress who played Coco in Django Unchained was on Thursday arrested and detained by police in Los Angeles who suspected she was a prostitute—but she was not hooker-ly dressed.

It surely seems like it has become a crime for a black woman to kiss her partner, if we decide to take her account only into consideration. After all, she was doing nothing bad as she narrated. The only thing which could have made the police think this way of her was the fact that she kissed her white husband—others say.

I’ve seen photos of what she was wearing (one above & below) and she was pretty decent—but the truth is, the police do not want to let go a lot as many of the hookers have changed the rules of the game, dressing a little more respectable and hanging around some highly expensive areas—soliciting for clients.

I do not agree with the police’s arrest and detention of Danièle Watts—a situation which the police later said, there was no records of it, because she was not brought to the station or booked. But what I do agree with is; some black women need to throw away their mirrors and buy new ones because they come up as prostitutes anytime some of us walk pass them.

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The Law is pretty loose on dressing, with indecent exposure being tightly fixed in a box—as such, black women continue to make a fool out of themselves, dressing mostly as if they are high on some cheap cocaine, even if they are attending a respected event or if they are respected persons.

Watts and Police LA

As the years go by, the definition of beauty and sexy seem to have changed among black women—and the little fibre a black woman has on her body, the sexier she thinks she is—forgetting that there is another word out there in the world more important than sexy and that is; DECENCY.

From our celebrities to ordinary black women going about their daily activities, we seem to have lost touch with what amounts to decency and what falls out of the decency box—and more commonly, you see well headed black women proudly wearing their underwears as their main wear. And mostly, this is absurdly done in the name of fetching that sexy look…

Even if the lack of decency that has completely evaporated from the understanding of fashion by majority of black women does not push you to occasionally ask if the person in front of you have all her brain wires connected, I am sure the trending bodycon style has introduced you to pot belly black women squeezed into tight dresses, as they struggle to breath. This is a perfect example of “woman’s inhumanity to woman” backed by total stupidity.

Some black women seem to eat all types of cheese—from Argentina ones to those illegally made in Ghana, and while bloated, they somehow manage to subject themselves and those who may be unlucky to spot them to torture by wearing some skimpy dresses that define them more as prostitutes than anything else.

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For heaven sake, what is wrong with some of our women? The problem does not rest on education anymore because we have a lot of them well educated and yet, they parade themselves as cheap 19th century prostitutes through the ways they dress.

No one is interested in seeing your G-string far above your belt or your beads battling for survival with your belt. These things must stay covered—so leave it for the hookers as that is their game.

Pretty soon, b**b and coochies will learn to talk and they will shout at their various black owners for the violation of their ‘human’ rights—as they are mostly squeezed and compressed into tight dresses or jeans with the large mouths of these body assets well opened and sketched for those standing miles away to spot their torment.

Things will get BETTER if the Police starts making such mistaken arrest more often—this time, I think they should leave the “civilly” dressed black women like Danièle Watts alone, and then ago after those cheap hooker looking black women on our streets in broad day light. I mean you…


ZURY says:

This is certainly the most insulting article i have read all day.why this is directed towards black women only i do not understand. I guess it makes you feel better. You can refer to someone’s way of dressing as indecent but referring to the individual as a prostitute does not solve anything or educate anyone. Imagine trying to advice someone and starting out with an insult, any sensible thing that comes after falls on deaf ears.
I see the point you are making. But the tone in this article is a hateful one!! Yes its your opinion. ITS JUST APPALLING