Chinese Firm Caught Making Fake Condoms Which Were Sold In Kenya


Kenya better start checking whether there is a boom in population growth because the protection being used by men in the country may not be safe.

On Tuesday, Shanghai Police uncovered a manufacturing workshop making bogus Durex condoms which were to be sent to Kenya. The fake condoms were reportedly sold online under well-known brands like Durex and Jissbon to Kenyan hotels.

About 3 million condoms which were being sold at $0.05 each are reported to have been confiscated. The condoms were reported to contain an offensive smell and were of inferior quality.

Since China has been pumping a lot of money into the African continent, it appears that their fake products are also penetrating (pun intended) their way into the African market.

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China has been known for making/copying a lot of products including iPhones and HTC Phones but this condom thing is a whole other story. This falls in line with manufacturing fake drugs and vaccines. Of course, I doubt this news will cause any bad relationship with Kenyan officials. As long as the Chinese keep bringing in bags of money, Kenya will also be open for business.

If you’re in Kenya and were hoping for a good night with your lady friend, I would advise you watch what kind of protection you buy on the way. Nine months down the line, you could get an expected surprise.

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