Bad Energy: A Coal Plant In Ghana Is A Bad Idea


In today’s world, climate change is a big issue. Tech companies, celebrities, politicians and environmental interest groups talk about how climate change could affect the world for future generations. Many countries have adopted renewable energy policies and are building solar farms and wind power and cut down on pollution.

It would make sense for Ghana to invest more heavily in renewable energy such as Solar power to give electricity to its citizens. So it puzzles me when I read a report that the China-Africa Development Fund (CADFund) is going to provide about US$1.5billion long-term loan for the construction of two 350MW coal-fired plant to meet future power demand in Ghana.

China? Coal fired plant? Are we crazy?!!

It is basically a known fact that coal plants are bad for the environment and has adverse effects on people. So I’m shocked that as a developing country, we are going to add more pollutants in the air to generate more power. Coal Plants are known to produce sulfur dioxide which can cause acid rain, which damages crops, forests, and soils, and acidifies lakes and streams.

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Again, I am deeply puzzled by this. Wasn’t the president in France at the COP event to talk about climate change and what it meant for the African continent? Doesn’t the building of a coal plant go counter to the statements he made that Ghana would do its share to counter climate change?

Or maybe I’m mistaken. But I’m willing to bet I’m not.

We should following the example of Moroccco which just built the world’s largest solar farm. In fact, we DID start a project which was the Nzema project where a 155 watt solar farm was built. So why are we not adding more to that? Why aren’t doing more of that??!

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The only reason that a coal plant is being built is because it’s dirt cheap. That’s the only reason to even consider building a monstrosity like a coal plant.

I’m really disappointed. I thought we were moving forward with renewable energy. I thought we would invest more in solar power. I thought the government would launch policies in which they would subsidize solar panels for citizens to purchase.

It looks like I was mistaken.

The worst part of all this? The coal power plant is being built by China. Last time I checked, Beijing was a code red as far as air pollution.

But like every other African government, it looks like Chinese money is too good to resist. Even if it means we will be killing our air in the forseeable future.