Sexist Much? Corporate Relations Manager Thinks Actress’ Boobs Are “Disgusting”


I can’t help but notice that African men want their african women to have a certain look. They want their women to be modest, wear less make-up and have all natural hair.

So if you’re a woman who likes showing a lot of cleavage in public, then watch out, because the corporate relations manager of Airtel Ghana thinks you need to stop that.

In a Facebook post, he wrote a very bizarre, very opinionated point about a Ghanaian actress, Moesha, who decided to show a little cleavage with her outfit at an Awards show. Here’s the post:

“I am a man. I, like many of my kind, love to watch the curves and b**b of women. But someone tell Moesha that what she shows off is disgusting and I, like a lot of my kind, do not even feel the least of sensation in our down there when we see her. She’s cheapened it too much, and in the process she’s more of a joke than she is of anything else.

At some point in time, I may have lusted after her. But not anymore. Looking at her feels like watching a boring p**n star past her prime and who’s trying to get her game on for Mandingo or Justin Slayer (yea I know all them peeps). We even didn’t care if you were not intelligent or skilled with some talent worthy of mention.

Yes I, like some of my kind, do not finance her nor feed her, but she feeds our eyes with disgusting and not top gorgeous images of her breasts and underwear and bortos and it disgusts me – us. So I reckon it’s fair that some of us have a say on her misdemeanours.

If it’s about fame, even Too Thozin is famous. Even those ‘Coded Location’ boys are famous. Even Ataa Ayi is famous. Even Rawlings’ Atta the mortuary man is famous.

Someone tag her or screen grab this for her. Sexiness and beauty has a better definition than what she offers or thinks. In fact, when I see her photos, i actually pity her. It’s too much effort to attain attention and relevance…..

And oh, I expect this post to be hailed and condemned in equal measure. That’s life.”

First of all, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But sometimes making your opinions public especially when you’re the CORPORATE RELATIONS MANAGER OF AIRTEL GHANA, you might want to NOT express those opinions on Facebook.

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And yes, whether he likes it or not, his rant is sexist. To come out and state that this actress doesn’t get you “hard” because she’s wearing too much cleavage and she may have cheapened it is sexist. Also saying that you have “lusted after her” before is pretty disgusting to say in a public forum.

Secondly, I always find it amusing when men like to tell women that their outfits are too revealing and they need to be more “modest” or even worse, dress like a “christian” woman. I find it all funny because those same guys will be jacking off to p**n at their laptops at work and even at home. Seriously, you can’t handle a woman who wears cleavage or wears short skirts? Maybe you have a problem. Those kind of men are probably the ones who blame women for being raped because of their outfits.

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But back to the CR manager. Listen dude, we all saw that outfit and thought maybe she should have picked something better. But I really don’t think you needed to call her “disgusting” for flaunting cleavage. And the fact that you are representing a multinational corporation like Airtel but still feel the need to broadcast your thoughts to the public even though it comes off as sexist, makes me question your judgement.

It’s like it’s your first rodeo since you were once suspended for wishing the people in Ukraine were more like the people in Ghana. You basically insinuated that citizens in Ghana should revolt against their own government. Even I have strong opinions about the government but I would never have gone that far.

Maybe next time, you should process what the outcome might be before you “post” your thoughts on the internet. Maybe next time, you should jack off to Mandingo or Justin Slayer videos. Maybe that might make you feel at ease.