Man Rewards Mother of His Baby With A Car for Breastfeeding Their Daughter for 6 Months

I am not sure to laugh or cry: whatever I choose to do wouldn’t capture the emotions of a lot of mothers–who breastfed their daughters for many months, and didn’t even get a thank you card from their husbands or boyfriends.

Scratch that; why must your man reward you for doing what you are naturally supposed to do–breastfeeding your own child?

Social media is exposing us to a lot, mostly insane–and one of the many is the above screenshot, which captures a conversation between a man and the mother of his child.

It’s unclear if the two are married but whatever their status is; do not go about asking your boyfriend, husband or baby’s father to buy you a car because you did what’s natural–breastfeeding your own child.

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It is sweet to buy gifts for your partner but not as a reward for breastfeeding.

What do you think?