Ghana’s Instagram Prostitute-Queen Farcadi Says She Needs Investors


Ghanaian social media prostitute, Queen Farcadi known in real life as Enyonam has asked investors to invest in her dream Spa and forget about her skin glow brand.

The 22-year-old Facardi is on her way to becoming one of the richest social media influencers in Ghana with her bleaching cream popularly known as “Farcadi Skin Scrub”.

With her product working well and getting high patronage on the market, investors are on her tails to get her to agree on their investment biddings.

But the social media queen has said that she rather prefers those investors to invest in her dream Spa and allow her to continue with skin glow business.

The reason is most of these investors she feels aren’t serious and might mess her business up. This she says is due to how some people have targetted her just to bring her down.

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She added her business is well established and doesn’t need any more investment.

Her product with the “skin scrub” is nicely packaged in buckets and has prices tags ranging from GHS100 to GHS200, with delivery being made worldwide.

The cream is different from the ones on the market, coming in a form of soap or cream where users will smear on their skin 30 minutes before bathing, and thus the name “skin scrub”.

She is a testimony of the product as she states that she has the skin to show as the needed proof.