At Least They Didn’t Meet On Instagram: BadBoy Looking Rapper-Iceberg Slim And Juliet Ibrahim Reveal How They Met

Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg

Juliet Ibrahim’s choice of man was recently a concern to many others who find the appearance of rapper-Iceberg Slim a little off the hook and somehow that makes him undeserving of Juliet.

But one thing seems to be great about the couple; they didn’t hook up on Instagram via DM, as many whose relationship fail seem to do these days.

Let’s grant this is not a cooked story. According to the couple from Ghana and Nigeria, they first met in Dubai, where both of them were working at the time.

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“We met in Dublin, South Africa. We were both there working on a project. We were playing music for everyone through our phones and she was in charge. I wanted to connect my phone, so when I connected my phone, she was like I have these songs. I was going to play these songs. For me that was what got it for me, we had a similar taste in music,” Iceberg said in an interview with Pulse Nigeria.

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Asked what she likes loves about Iceberg, Juliet Ibrahim said she liked his intelligence and self-confidence.

For Iceberg Slim, he said he liked Juliet for her good heart