I’m F**king My Pastor And I Love It

This post is by no means for the hypocrites who are in relationships with their pastors, bosses, and gardeners and yet want to pretend that Jesus came to save only them.

Look, I’m horny….Like all the time. At work, whiles driving, during meetings and even in church when the pastor is preaching. It doesn’t help that he is tall, light skinned, has pink full lips that have been beautifully outlined and a huge log for a dick. Yes! I’m f**king my pastor and I f**king love it.

The thought of him racing to his office after each Sunday service knowing that he will come and meet me there fully undressed and dripping wet, ready for his full package to thrust me with force and speed is making my vagina thump with extreme pleasure as I sit here listening to him deliver his sermon on God’s salvation.

His voice is so soothing and calm although he is delivering the message with grave urgency. I glance around and the congregation has his full attention. Who is this Nigga kidding though? As soft as he may seem, this guy is a beast in bed. My pussy is in pain because he couldn’t keep his fat cock in his pants.

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I wonder if his wife can read my mind or has the slightest clue what is going on. Yesterday, shortly after our counseling session in the house, they prayed for me and he told his wife he was taking me home. Funny thing is that I spotted the huge boner in his pants as he and his wife got up to pray for me. Homeboy parked his car behind the neighbors car and f**ked my brains out.

I’ve told him many times to slow down when he f**ks me as his thick package leaves me sore for days when he f**ks me with such speed. It doesn’t help that when he is engorged, the veins on his cock are carefully outlined. His tip hits the G-spot just right. Anyway, his cum rushed out of him and into me like he was begging for more children.

As I am sitting and listening to him deliver this sermon, I’m smiling and pretending like I care about what the f**k he is saying. I’m just wondering how I can still yearn for him after he pounded my pussy to a pulp last night.

I know what you are thinking-I’m sick and disgusting and dirty and every other bad name. Well, truth is that I know I am all those things; but I’m also a realist.

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What was he thinking I was going to do when he was eyeing me whiles in the pulpit, sneaking looks down my cleavage or sending me WhatsApp messages that he was lonely? Did you expect me to report him to his wife or what? HELL NO! He is sexy, I’m single and I was curious to know what was down his pants. Thank God I wasn’t disappointed.

At some point in our boring lives, we must realize that we get a chance to live life but once. Who am I hurting by sleeping with my pastor? Who is he hurting by sleeping with me? Think about it critically. He is still fulfilling his responsibilities as a father and a husband. He still f**ks his wife and cares for his two children.

Let’s not complicate life. Fuck who you want and be merry. Find a man whose Penis satisfies you and let him suck your brains out. Life is too short to f**k small, boring dicks. I guess f**king my pastor somehow also brings me closer to God.