I Bruise Easily So Be Gentle When You Misquote Me – Rawlings To Media

What does Former President Jerry John Rawlings have in common with Shatta Wale? One might say they are both “leaders”, and they might not be so far from the truth. But the answer is that both of them love to free their minds but when someone else exercises the same freedom at their expense, they take offense. Tsk Tsk..  They obviously never heard of glass houses and stones.

In the latest development, after days of “Boom” after “Boom”, Founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and a former President of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings says he gets hurt when the media give negative reports about him. The former President was addressing party supporters at the Arts Centre in Accra during a town hall meeting that was organized by Cadres and NDC Activists. The former NHIA Boss Sylvester Mensah, former Defense Minister Dr. Kumbour, former Eastern Regional Minister Antwi Boasiako Sekyere and other party big shots were in attendance.

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“When the media reports issues about me, it hurts me people are not able to analyze their headlines and content of their stories before they judge,” Mr. Rawlings ranted. Former President Rawlings has come under attack by his own party for openly castigating the party while it was in power. The relations between the founder and some leading members seem to have been cold overtime, with him publicly refusing to respond to greetings from top members of his own party.

Mr. Rawlings said he hated evil and injustice so when people hate him because he speaks his mind, he is the least bothered. What bothers him though, is the misrepresentation of his words by the media to make him appear extra controversial. He famously described his party members as “babies with sharp teeth” and proceeded to alienate himself from the party, turning into their greatest critic, unrivaled by the opposition.

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He has hinted of a book he has written which contains a lot of secrets, coming out soon. We can’t wait to read the Secrets of Jerry Boom.