Hilariously Insane: Ghana Immigration Service Disqualifies Job Seekers Over Stretch Marks, Bow Legs and Bleached Skin

Stretch Marks

On the back of lame justifications, Ghana Immigration Service has disqualified a bunch of people who had applied for jobs, part of the about 84,000 job seekers—because they have stretched marks and have bleached.

It’s rationale that we look for prudent ways to discourage skin bleaching but it must be done in a way that does not become discriminatory—a violation of anyone’s human rights.

Beyond the absurd excuse erected by the Ghana Immigration Service, there are no proper grounds to disqualify a candidate because the person has bleached–in this circumstance.

And it’s hilariously insane to disqualify a job applicant because she has a stretch mark—something the disqualifying officer, if a female, would probably have too.

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A GIS spokesman told the BBC that those who have stretch marks and those who have bleached were disqualified “because people with such marks might bleed during the “strenuous” training.”

Also, those with tattoos, dreadlocks and “bow legs” were disqualified.

Whatever it’s; being disqualified from a job because of stretch marks in Ghana is amusing—because a large number of Ghanaian women have stretch marks, including the mother of the f**ker who probably instituted the ban.

That’s plain discrimination against a huge number of mothers in Ghana.

So after paying 50 GHS for an application form as part of 84,000 people fighting for 500 vacancies, you get to be rejected because you have bow-legs, have stretch marks or have bleached skin and you cannot do anything about it.