Ghana Immigration Service Exploits Job Seekers By Selling 84,000 Job Application Forms to Make About 4,2000,000 GHS When It Has Only 500 Vacancies

Break down by region of Ghana Immigration Service’s job seekers

Ghana is an interesting country; a lot of ordinary citizens engage in exploiting and scamming one another. It’s always a matter of “caveat emptor” when dealing with most Ghanaian.

With the advent of cheap internet, it will be cost-effective and even convenient for anyone, especially government agencies to upload job application forms online for applicants to download at their own printing cost.

However, on the back of the Ghanaian culture of exploitation, desperate job seekers who are mostly graduates are asked to purchase application forms. And without any curb on how many application forms can be sold and for how much, an employee can sell as much as 1000 application forms, when it intends to only employ just one person.

Though this sounds like a big scam, that’s exactly what happens in Ghana and the government of Ghana even does it too.

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The Ghana Immigration Service, an agency of the government has since November 2017 been selling applicant forms for 50 GHS to those seeking to be employed by the state agency.

Ghana Immigration Service

And per reports, 84,000 people have applied for the job—when the available vacancy is just for 500 people.

What’s the point in selling 84,000 application forms, and receive a total of 4,2000,000 GHS when you only have capacity to employ just 500?

At worst, double the number of people needed and sell about 1000 forms—and at best, why not make the application form available online, for free download to prospective employees?

Credit: Citi Fm Online

If the government of Ghana does this; who would be able to ask those within the private sector to end what’s obviously a recruitment rip-off?

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The large number of people, 84,000 applying for a job which can only take 500 people clearly captures the high rate of unemployment in Ghana.

It’s like a jungle in Ghana: squeeze the hell out of whoever you can.