HEELED TO HELL | the Fashion of Putting Your Fragile Feet through Unconventional Pain

High Heels

High Heels

This may sound a little out of place because in the grand scheme of affairs, one could say it is really none of my business and honestly it isn’t my business.

But they say out of abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, so it is only appropriate that I spew all that this hapless heart of mine has been subjected to suffer.

I couldn’t tell what to wear to where and what not to wear to where; I am an absolute liability when it comes to anything fashion oriented.

Nonetheless I can tell when one is uncomfortable in what they are wearing and it perturbs me knowing that these people are the least bothered.

How can anyone in their right sense of mind willingly put their life through hell when heaven is licking its lips staring at them? It is like sleeping in a room with the roof on fire when you have the option of getting out yet you stare as your life dwindles with the flames.

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I mean who does that? Only a madman would do that right?

Longer legs, sex appeal, additional height, confidence with being in vogue at the zenith are amongst the many reasons why women put their fragile feet through “unconventional pain”.

I believe anyone reading this at this stage is wondering what this putting together of alphabets is all about. I am talking of none other but what too many deem fashion’s most provocative piece of accessory thus high-heeled shoes.

More than a half of the people we meet every day unconsciously greet our feet even before they look at our faces so it is right to want to make it a pleasing sight as possible. But that isn’t reason enough to walk around town with legs wobbling like a Jell-O waiting to be devoured by a convalescent.

It is painful to watch people struggle to have their feet well balanced on the ground, keep a proper poise and exude the confidence they so much want to portray. Some could actually sweat as if they just finished a cross country race and a mere glance at them just gives them away; the reality is they end up doing the contrary of their intended act.

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Heels in all senses of the word imply pain and it is amazing how an item that connotes fashion-over-function could make ladies endure this much pain because heels’ tends to hurt an hour or two after wearing it .

Someone even say heels put the fear of God in a person, how true that is I cannot tell.

All I am saying is these heeled shoes are beautiful, it compliments apparels, it commands presence but do not wear any if you know you are going to make a complete mess of yourself because people seldom forget things that made them laugh.

In the end, fashion to a very large extent is what one is comfortable in. What will it profit any lady to walk home shoeless due to the relentless throbbing of a high-heeled shoe?

Do not go drinking dirty water because someone said it is clean.