VIDEO: UK MPs Call for Excessively Thin Models to Be Banned

Thin model

Thin model

Ahead of London’s Fashion Week which kicks off tomorrow, calls are once again being made for the United Kingdom to join the list of countries which have banned excessively thin models—those with Body Mass Index (BMI) below 18.

The United Kingdom has been reluctant to join the ship which has seen countries like France banning the excessive use of thin models and in fact criminalizing such usage at fashion shows.

Now, the chairwoman of a group of MPs-Caroline Noakes who heads the All Parliamentary Group on Body Image has come out to say, legislation should be considered if a voluntary code of conduct is not effective.

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Even though several countries are demanding that models should have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of at least 18 – 18.5 to take part in shows, “the British Fashion Council insists BMI is not an accurate measurement for young women and the focus is on looking after models and encouraging health and wellbeing with nutritious food and drink provided backstage,” reports Sky News.

The UK needs to take this issue seriously and put some sort of restriction in place so that the various agencies cannot continue to use those who are dangerous thin. 

Even though we may hate to admit this as true, modern beauty to a greater extent springs from what we see on TV and in Magazines—which places these models at the top of the chain as those who define beauty.

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A few years ago, sacked Vogue’s editor-Kirstie Clements revealed how these models eat ordinary tissue papers day in and out just to stay thin so they can score a walk during the various fashion weeks…

Pretty shocking…right?

Check out the video below…