God & His Smaller God Friends are INDEED Crazy & I Mean It…


The Abrahamic God is a drunk maniac as portrayed by the Bible, yet many Christians do not see this, their ignorance does not allow them to get any close to evaluating some of the insane actions of their own heavenly father who is in charge of other small gods—including those some people worship in Ghana and other parts of the world.

Human beings by nature like to look up to something, especially in difficult times because we are weak minded and love to have things the easy way. Children look up to their parents and place a lot of trust in their parents. When adult, most people find a God or buy into some superstitious hogwash to escape from things and make them feel better.

I have no real problem with what people believe—as we have freedom of thought, conscience and religion as a fundamental human right. But I have a problem with people who believe in all manner of nonsense, which flout reason and free inquiry.

I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time talking about how insane the main God, I mean the one who lives in heaven and has Jesus Christ as his son is, because by now, any decent Christian who reads the Bible must have come across some of the crazy things God did which simply show that, the dude is damn crazy on all levels. And you better watch your back if you associate yourself with this sort of gangster God.

The Bible has never said God sells weed or cocaine but I am sure he may have some delight for these things, or else, what is the real explanation of some of the crazy things he did which the Bible, believed to be TRUE clearly detailed?

Even if you do not care about all the genocides God committed in the Bible, you should be worried that He even went as far as killing the first born of all animals too as explained in Numbers 16:41-49. And tell me, who will do this if the person is not uptight in the head? God does it and it is cool, no one can ask a question or complaint.

It is better you do not even ask a question or complaint, because God will kill you for complaining just like he killed 14,700 people who complained about his killing of their friends and family, and more sadly their animals. I am still talking about what he did in Numbers 16:41-49.

Now let me leave what he did above, perhaps these people and the animals were going to turn into real bad people to overthrow God so He just had to get rid of them—after all, who wants to be defeated through a Coup De’ tat orchestrated by the people he created and cared for. Being a God that knows it all, I wonder why He will create such people knowing what they will become and then proceed just to kill them, including the innocent animals.

Anyway, if you think God is not crazy and has not been crazy from day one, can you tell me why he wanted to KILL Moses? Moses was just on his way to Egypt and all of a sudden, he met God—and then God decided to KILL Moses, who was his best friend. Moses had done nothing bad, he did not push God off the way, neither did he intended to go and do anything bad yet on meeting his most loved friend, God decided he wants to kill him—and in fact, He almost did. Until Moses’ wife-“Zipporah took a flint knife, cut off her son’s foreskin and touched Moses’ feet with it … So the Lord let him alone.” (Exodus 4:24-26).

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To me, God must have been drunk and could not recognise Moses or he failed to take his calming pill for his craziness that day. If you think I am wrong on the two, then the only real answer is that, God is a damn psychopath who goes about killing innocent people He just meets on the road.

I thought betting or gambling is forbidding or let’s say; God hates such gaming habit—but why the hell will God himself take part in betting, by helping Samson to kill 30 innocent people so he can steal their clothes to pay for a bet he lost? Damn…

This is exactly what happened; Samson got new 30 friends and he decided to hold a bet with then, with the prize being, if they get the bet right, they will get 30 fine clothes from him and if they are not able to solve the bet riddle, they will have to give him 30 fine clothes. At this stage, God should have been upset with this sort of betting habit his friend-Samson was getting into but He didn’t.

When the 30 people through an act of deceit via Samson’s wife got the answer to the riddle and answered Samson. Dude had to pay out on his promise and he didn’t have the clothes. So ‘God entered him’ to make him stronger as he went downstairs to kill 30 innocent people—and took off their clothes to pay for his stupid bet-(Judges 14:1-19). So at this stage, you still think God is not crazy?

Let me point you to my last, which may convince you that the senior God has issues before I move to the smaller gods who are lording themselves down here on earth.

Did you know God is a wrestler and a cheat at that? He does not even follow the rules of the game. If He wants to go about wrestling men, at least He should be fair and stick to the rules of the game—and not go about cheating. Despite cheating, God still lost—Hahaha, Dude is not strong at all, perhaps there is no gym in heaven. Here, it is either God is weak or the man he wrestled-Jacob had to be sleeping in the gym, very strong to have been able to beat the hell out of God.

Jacob was travelling his 11 children and 2 women peacefully, without any intention to have any fight. He has sent all his earthly possessions and his family across a river. Then, all of a sudden, some dude came out of the bushes and started wrestling him. Jacob had no signpost on his head that he was looking for a fight. And this dude, which was God, wrestled Jacob all night.

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The Bible says, since God couldn’t beat Jacob, he cheated by using his magic powers to hurt Jacob’s hips, removing his hip out of its socket. Even that, he still could not beat Jacob as they wrestled all night…

Day light was slowly appearing and God wanted to run away but Jacob had already spotted that the man he had been wrestling all night was God so he asked him to bless him else he won’t let him leave—-Jacob held God hostage. At this stage, God had no option and He blessed Jacob before quickly running off—maybe to go find another damn fight somewhere as he seemed bored with Himself. (Genesis 32: 22-31).

That is the senior God and I did not make any of these things up. The Bible has them as true—and indeed, God did them all.

Now if you want to know how stupid the junior gods on earth are; check out this. So in a West African country called Ghana, people are seriously dying because of Cholera, caused by filth. Apart from the fact that the last time Cholera was reported in London was in the 1860s, these black people are being killed by their dirtiness and instead of keeping clean, some of they say they won’t. All because, their gods like them to be dirty.

It was reported today that; “residents of Anomabo, a fishing community in the Central Region of Ghana, have revealed that two of their gods require that they defecate at the beaches. The reason, ostensibly, is that the gods use the faecal matter to produce fish for them.

These two gods who love faeces so much, are known as Ekitsaba and Obosanti. If the residents fail to comply, they revealed, these deities would get angry and they either get very low yield after fishing; or even in extreme cases they kill”.

So these people will keep doing this not caring about cholera because their crazy gods want the filth from their butts. Yes, they even have evidence to the fact that, one of their people was killed by the gods for failing to obey this.

Any god wanting this must really be crazy—and as such, these junior gods are crazy, just like the senior God.

I have something which may help; you have two things here; you can accept the above actions which undoubtedly show that God and his bunch of smaller god friends are plainly crazy or you will go for the option; the Bible is full of nonsense and God never did any of those things. Just as the people in Ghana are high on some cool-aid, their gods do not require them to defecate at the beaches.

Decide where you want to belong and while at it, better watch the beaches you visit when you go to Ghana.


Drake says:

Frankly, you guys are making me not fancy atheism or your brand of it. It’s too in your face, just like some Christians. Anywho, you wanna rid metaphysics out of ghana? Do a documentary disproving the authenticity of Antoa Nyama. The Abrahamic God, won’t bother about you. He’s too grand. Btw, have you tried Diesm. It’s pretty cool.

bobtee says:

1. not all human beings look up to something higher in times of trouble, actually i know of Christians that have abandoned their God in time of hardship so that argument is not entirely true.

2. regarding the parent-child relationship, it is true all children rely and trust their parents when infants. now does that mean their parent no more exists when the child is old and can make their own decisions? certainly not

3.you have £1200 and you want share it amongst three of you best friends whom you love equally. but u decide to give one friend £800, another £300 and another £100. do they have any right to question you as to how to share your own hard earned money amongst them which they have done nothing to deserve?

4. you talk a lot about rationalism. rationalism deals with logic and critical thinking. now, lets pretend for a second that there’s no God or higher power and look at the following scenario……a young girl of 5yrs has just been abused by his sane uncle and murdered….. can you rationalize that for me please!

I will end here for now reply to the rest some other time but before I go I have one last question for you.. do you believe in love?

Ps: thanks for your posts, I enjoy reading them, they help strengthen my faith, keep them coming. peace!!

Let me start by saying, I am glad the posts help strengthen your faith while keeping the discourse going.

Let me start with your number 4.

You said a girl of 5 is abused by his sane Uncle and murdered; how does this sit with rationalism. The reason why you had to put the word SANE (I guess it is an adjective, correct me if I am wrong) is that, you want to take the actions of the uncle out of the insane (irrational) box—meaning, you agree the actions does not sit well with rationalism. So how do you expect me to rationalize an action which you yourself believes falls out of the rational scope, by simply forcing it to sit in there with the word SANE. If you take the word SANE out of your sentence, the first plausible assumption will be, the uncle is insane—irrational.

3. My friends will not have any right to question me per your scenario. However, if before sharing the funds and after the distribution, I label myself or hold myself as Just, Equal and All Loving, Fair as God does, then they can question me and measure my own actions against the names or attributes I glory myself with. The Abrahamic God is said to be Just, Fair and others, so if HE acts anyway that does not sit with these attributes, questions must and can be asked.

2. The parent child sentence did not seek to establish that God does not exist. It only was to show that, as humans, we like to look up to something and even kids do.

And finally, do I believe in LOVE? Yeah I do and I know why you asked because you are of the view that there is no evidence that LOVE exist or it is real. But I am sorry to disappoint you, there is evidence for love. The evidence may not be scientifically testable but it is still EVIDENCE—and we are not asking for Evidence of God’s existence to be laboratory or scientifically testable either.

It is those little catchy sights, body language, squeezes and others that you get from your partner that serve as evidence of LOVE. When it comes to the God hypothesis, this is mainly and blindly faith base (believing without evidence) so you cannot in anyway compare that to the concept of LOVE.

Kofi says:

God loves you whether you believe HE exists or not, you are a Paul in the making.
thats all

Bayan says:

Every one is entitled to thier opinion and belief ,most Christians do not practise what they preach ,most of our religious leaders too have decided to turn religion into money making business to fund their lifestyle ,it makes you wonder who we really worshiping God or these men of God that’s why you can’t really blame some people who do not believe in God,besides if you read very carefully you would understand what he meant ,he also said “I have no real problem with what people believe—as we have freedom of thought, conscience and religion as a fundamental human right. But I have a problem with people who believe in all manner of nonsense, which flout reason and free inquiry” and this is true ,in Africa especially it appears that we worship these men more than the creator ,i have witness it soo many times i have seen men of God who are widely known as true men of God misleading their church members into doing wierd things it makes you question religion ,well I believe there is God and we better off going down on our knees and praying to him rather than going to these men of a God who would continue to prey on you and I

Rexy says:

Romans 1:20-27

akosua says:

Psalm 14:1

bigspeed says:

So Chris…what is all this brouhaha about God? Are you really doing this on your own volition? Or are you being compelled to do this on someone’s behalf? I simply don’t know…but even the Great America believes so much in God and you can tell from their statute of liberty and their national pledge…which have them Acknowledging the power and existence of God…Chris the battle you are constantly fighting doesnt seem to sink well with many of your followers and admirers…How can you fight a person that you can’t even see….many people in this world believe and respect the God that they serve…There is certainly a higher power…if you’ve ever had a bad dream or nightmare you’d realize the importance of that Higher power…I dont know what more to say, but i honestly do hope someone is listening

Adwoa says:

You people should slow down with you nasty talks about God. Mmm his mercy endures forever but he got wraths. Be careful you don’t die a pathetic death

Bayan says:

The truth about God is doing my head in,after reading the bible I honestly don’t know what to think ,This is a God we all grew up knowing as a peaceful God and a merciful God ,I still love my God though

Cece enima says:

keep taking your antipsychotics pills honey ,and will all get better with time.