Why Does GOD Hate Africans So Much?


I am not going to place arguments or displace the many weak arguments by God-believers that there is a God comfortably sitting in heaven—watching over us all and regularly interfering in our affairs down here on earth.

For today and for the purposes of this article, let’s for a minute accept that there is such a celestial Father with the immeasurable power and might attributed to Him, ready or ought to protect His children from the ‘devil and his works’.

I believe we can roughly agree that majority of Africans are theists or some sort and would by every measure count themselves as the children of God, either He likes it or not—yet this God HATES Africans so much that our continent is the poorest.

Poverty is man made some will argue and as such we cannot blame God for the mistakes or wilful acts of men but the truth this; the plight of Africa goes beyond poverty, all the killer diseases seem to spring out of Africa—HIV/AIDS and now EBOLA. Ebola has killed over 4500 people and only about 5 or less of these people are non-Africans. In-between the two deadly diseases are cholera, malaria, ‘wars’ and several others which have turned a great portion of the Africa continent into some sort of apocalyptic land.

From hunger to whatever worse you can think of; Africa leads the pack and shockingly, God comfortably sits in Heaven to watch while the devil or whoever is doing this keep throwing all manner of diseases and problems at his people, including innocent children.

Perhaps, God has forgotten about us (for today we can’t say he does not exist) and it better be so because the alternative plausible answer is; God hates Africans so much that He directs the diseases and problems to our front doors.

I wouldn’t blame God if the many believers (especially Africans) did not hold it as a matter of fact that God sits in Heaven and regularly interferes with what is going on down here—answering prayers and giving his children what they ask for.

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Africans must be ‘inanely’ asking for diseases from God through prayers when we know we do not even have the cure for these diseases or the infrastructures to deal with whatever bad diseases we keep asking for. Of course, subject to HIS desire…

For many years, Africans have spent a lot (in time, energy and resource) worshipping God, ensuring that his chief leaders or pastors live like kings and we’ve prayed uninterruptedly for the mercies of God—yet, because He hates us this much, we continue to be slapped with diseases and countless problems we are incapable of solving.

To be frank, if my father sat in a different room with such might and power, and watched me go through unbearable problems even when I have tried my best to please him, a clear indication that he has no interest in my wellbeing or has disowned me, I will quickly give up on him or look for a different father who will treat me right.

Most Africans seem to have ‘insatiable’ love for the Father God and as such, continue to believe in Him even when the indications are clear on two counts that; he doesn’t give a hoot about us or he has forgotten about us.

According to some staunch believers, all the bad things happening in Africa is just like what happened to Job in the Bible—and these things must happen so that the glory of God will later be manifested. You know what; no one wants to be a forever guinea pig in God’s heartless experiments.

We have real issues and probably more problems on our hands than any of the other continents—and instead of using our limited time wisely in search for practical solutions; we spend all our time in the house of a God who has abandoned us. Those with less more problems and headaches have moved on, treating this God as the less favourite to win while placing themselves in charge of their own affairs and destiny.

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It is working for them and regularly, then even come down to Africa to help us solve some of our countless problems that our God has failed to intervene, as expected. Our desire for divine intervention will lead us to the slaughterhouse and if we do not re-evaluate our approach to life, our extinction will come to pass without God interfering in anyway…

It seems you cannot hold a space in your heart for God and be sensible at the same time; Africans have made it seem so. In most parts of Africa, there are more churches or mosques than both schools and hospitals combined. And we do not even see anything wrong with this line of development, if I may call it development.

We are perfectly set in those dead centuries when religion was the false answer to medicine, creativity, civilization, human development and prosperity. The world has long decided on Astrology—paving way for Astronomy but we seem to be vibrating in life with Astrology.

Even if there is anything like a God, Africa alone stands as a clear evidence that this God holds no relationship with human beings—and does not spend his entire day watching over us, placing things rights for His sons and daughters.

Up to date, we wake up in Africa expecting God’s miracles to sweep us to unimaginable height with countless fasting and prayers instead of realizing that, we are here alone and we have to take full responsibilities for what is happening and might happen to us.

Majority of Africans are offensively ignorant, attributing a lot to God and failing to realize that, if we decide to look at things with a different approach—by losing the bolt around this God hypothesis, we may begin to find real solutions to our real problems.

The question has been and still remains; looking at the state of Africa and considering the fact that we are so much into God, why does HE hate us so much?


nessie says:

This is a very intriguing article. In fact it takes me back to the scene in “blood diamond” when Leonardo Dicaprio told Djimon Hounsou that “god left Africa a long time ago.” We truly have to ask ourselves why our continent has all these mineral resources but yet the poorest. why some of the African countries are literally sitting on gold and diamond mines cannot afford to provide proper education and health care. It seems as if these resources are more of a curse than a blessing. The minute diamonds were discovered in Sierra Leone, civil war. A civil war that left the country with the highest amputee rate in the world.

manassehatsu says:

The answer is simple. Africans commited a dei-cide. The Africans killed their god. What killed him is the wanton stupidity, brazen ignorance(ie arrogance), ningcompoopery and ingratitude. He was saddened by what he saw in the African heart. He did his best to put them on a resource rich and stable continent(no earthquakes,tsunamis,fires or hurricanes) and all he got in return is constant demands from them. He was also saddened by the blackness of the African heart. He couldn’t understand why the poor African will want god to kill another poor African over trivial stuff. The noisy and bombastic prayers, the fake prophecies, the charlatans and the serious lack of comprehension was the final straw. He gave up the ghost about 30 years ago.

I will more agree on this. Gods were geographically and culturally relevant. But Europeans and others came to Africa with their concept of God (the new God) and Africans got rid of theirs—buying into that of the foreigners.

However, this does not in itself indicate that, even the African god(s) that the people believed in had any of the powers they attributed to them. And that they even existed apart from some symbolic stones, clays or woods that were created to represent these god(s).

We cannot even take pride in our own fake stories. So we have to let our fake stories go and take on the fake stories of others…

manassehatsu says:

What you will find is the Africans are trying to be more catholic than the pope. They now believe in the whitemans religion more than the whiteman. As the whitemans world develops and religion is pushed further away from the public sphere, Africans are doing the opposite. Holding on to beliefs that the whiteman has long ago jettisoned as he became more enlightened. These days you will find an African with rudimentary understanding of the bible insulting seminarians who have read the bible plus its footnotes. The African will claim Paul’s letters were addressed to them. Being delusional is a huge part of the African mindset. How else would they claim ‘letters to Corinthians, galatians etc’ as messages to them. The most infuriating part is their inability to be honest with themselves that they were played by the whiteman. And that whatever their claims with the god of the sky they are lost. The African mind cannot face reality and therefore will settle for faux realities. This is why speaking the truth is a revolutionary act for most Africans. A simple thing as asking for directions from an African ,who doesn’t know the place, is enough to prove this point. The god they pray to has to be dead. If not sub Saharan African would have been torched or flooded by a very angry god.

G.B says:

Well wow …God dosent hate Africans matter fact if you knew and read the bible well He loves us better us being the decentants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who was later named ” Israel”..(Just as it is written: “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.”)
Romans 9:13) Especially ghana being the real Israel because it’s in the center of the world… (the angel who has redeemed me from all evil, bless the boys; and in them let my name be carried on, and the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac; and let them grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth.”Genesis 48:16) All the stuff happening in Africa isn’t that surprising they are bound to happen cos we live in a sinful world plus these things u claiming don’t only happen in Africa but in other parts of the world and some are worse! … U better do more research before posting stuff like this

Really? Can you tell us any other continent poorer than Africa? And did I read that Ghana is some sort of real Is real because it is in the center of the world? How is Ghana the center of the world? Where did you get that from?

God says:

I am God – you believe in nonsense …
silly fool, wake up!