Ghana’s Railway Minister Sends 14 Workers Home Over Lateness

Joe Ghartey

Lateness is a chronic disease in Ghana–on the back of which Ghanaians have invented their own time, the Ghana Man Time (GMT).

When a Ghanaian asks you to meet him up at 2pm, he actually means 4pm or 5pm under the Ghana Man Time.

Time is rarely of any essence in Ghana and being late to meetings, work or appointments has somewhat become the norm.

It’s worse among those who work for the government where the bosses themselves are almost always late or never present at the office.

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In response to the culture of lateness, Ghana’s Railways Development Minister Joe Ghartey on Wednesday reportedly “sent home 14 staff who reported to work late.”

“They comprise nine permanent staff and five national service personnel.
The action demonstrates that workers should be disciplined in the discharge of their duties,” the report said.

There was no further action taken against the workers but the next day, the affected workers reported to work very early–the needed change was at play.

“It was a wake-up call and I will monitor their response which I believe will be positive”, the Minister stated.