Ghanaians Believe In “Juju” More Than They Believe In God

Some members of the New Patriotic Party from the Awutu Senya East District in the Central Region have resorted to cursing their party executives for neglecting them after attaining victory in the 2016 elections. In a video circulating on social media, the embittered party members were seen invoking a river deity to visit great harm and misfortune, even death on party executives for ignoring them after they had toiled and slaved for the party for years.

They lamented being sidelined by some of the National and constituency executives in the recent polling station executive elections held by the party, hence their decision to rain curses on them as a means of salvaging their hurt.

It’s 2018, yet shameful and pathetic incidences such as this keep making the news. What happened to communication? If these NPP members feel so hard-done-by why can’t they express their grievances in a manner that will actually yield results? Throwing eggs in a river and killing a goat, hoping some people will die and suffer is the most backwards conflict resolution tactic ever.

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But this is how a vast majority of Ghanaians deal with conflict. And these are the same guys who populate our churches on Sundays and every other weekday. These same guys will be at national thanksgiving and prayer sessions in all white, screaming “Halleluyah”.

If they really believe in the God they worship so religiously, why do they have to resort to juju to solve their problems? These are the same people who say “fa ma Nyame” and turn around and visit local deities to curse their offenders. No wonder most “men of God” have been accused openly of using “juju” for miracles but they hardly lose any members.

I’m beginning to think it is because these followers of such quack “men of God” actually believe strongly in these local deities than they believe in God so if juju or black magic is nicely cloaked and presented as religion then hurray, two birds, one stone. But why the hypocrisy? If you believe in juju why not stick to killing chickens and cracking eggs or doing whatever it is juju people do?

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Why pretend to be God-fearing in public and practise black magic when you really need results? Or maybe they just know deep down in their hearts that this foreign God they waste time worshipping is useless anyway? When you threaten the average Ghanaian with juju, you will see how the thought of being cursed by black magic alone will f**k them up without you actually doing anything. But threaten them with the wrath of God and they might even laugh at you because they know that guy can be handled if you pay your chosen “man of God” enough.