Please Allow Obinim To Fly Away To His Fellow Angels In Heaven


Founder and Overseer of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, self acclaimed “Angel” recently caused a stir as usual by trying to “fly” to heaven during one of his services. The controversial preacher was seen in a video “flapping his wings” and running into a bunch of his church members who caught him in the nick of time to prevent him from going to heaven and leaving his poor, helpless congregants in this cold world without his guidance.

Bishop Obinim has become something like a cult-figure with a massive congregation who blindly worship him and succumb to all manner of degradation and extortion all because of the faith they have in him.

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This man has claimed to be able to morph into all sorts of animals, threatened to visit people in their dreams to kill them, magically produced a passport out of thin air, kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach, slept with a junior pastor’s wife, vandalized a radio station and assaulted a presenter, massaging the manhoods of his congregants to make them more “potent”, amongst other atrocities.

You’d think his followers would see through the gimmickry and advice themselves but these antics seem to only gain him more followers, who happily dole out their hard-earned money to the already wealthy “Angel of God” while they wallow in misery. He has even been accused of defrauding people of huge amounts of money, but this doesn’t prevent religion-whipped Ghanaians from giving him their money.

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The fact that someone like Obinim even has a single person following him shows the mental capacity of majority of Ghanaians. We need to stop glorifying foolishness.  meanwhile, I humbly appeal to Obinim’s flock of unfortunate sheep to kindly allow the “Angel” to fly away to heaven where he belongs the next time he attempts the trick. Fly away Angel,  fly away and never come back.