Ghana Is The Mistress Of America; Al-Qaeda Will Be Angry With Us – Sam George On Ghana-US Military Pact

Ghana’s MP for Ningo-Prampram Sam George has called on Ghanaians to resist an attempt by the Akufo-Addo administration to “sell Ghana’s sovereignty” to the US. His assertion follows a leaked document detailing how the cabinet of the West African country has approved an agreement for the World’s superpower to set up a military base in Ghana with unimpeded access to and use of agreed facilities and areas to U.S. forces and contractors.

Providing details about the pact on Morning Starr Tuesday, March 20, 2018, Mr. George told host Francis Abban “it is an insult to Ghanaians.” “All existing buildings, non-relocatable structures, and assemblies affixed to the land in agreed facilities and areas, including ones altered or improved by United States forces, remain the property of Ghana. Buildings constructed by United States forces shall become the property of Ghana, once constructed, but shall be used by United States forces until no longer needed by United States forces.

“United States forces shall return as the sole and unencumbered property of Ghana any agreed facility or area, or any portion thereof, including non-relocatable structures and assemblies constructed by United States forces, once no longer needed by United States forces. The Parties or their Executive Agents shall consult regarding the terms of return of any agreed facility or area, including possible compensation for improvements or construction.

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“United States forces and the United States contractors shall retain title to all equipment, material, supplies, relocatable structures, and other moveable property that have been imported into or acquired within the territory of Ghanaian connection with this Agreement,” Article 6 of the agreement reads.

“United States forces are hereby authorized to preposition and store defense equipment, supplies, and materiel (hereinafter referred to as prepositioned materiel) at agreed facilities and areas. The prepositioned materiel of United States forces and the agreed facilities and areas or portions thereof designated for storage of such prepositioned materiel shall be for the exclusive use of United States forces. United States forces shall retain title to and control over the use of prepositioned material and shall have the right to remove such items from the territory of Ghana,” Article 7 added.

“Ghana recognizes that it may be necessary for United States forces to use the radio spectrum. United States forces shall be allowed to operate its’ own telecommunication systems (as telecommunication is defined in the 1992 Constitution and Convention of the International Telecommunication Union). This shall include the right to utilize such means and services as required to ensure full ability to operate telecommunication systems, and the right to use all necessary radio spectrum for this purpose. Use of the radio spectrum shall be free of cost to United States forces.”

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“This is shameful,” the opposition legislator said, adding “we’re selling our sovereignty for nothing.” Mr. George added: “This is an insult to everybody and every properly minded Ghanaian should stand up against it. We’re going to incur the wrath of Al-Qaeda even Invincible Forces we can’t stand them. We are not an ally of the US, we are friends.”

“We’ve become the mistress of America. You can’t sell our sovereignty. We’ll use every positive defiance action. It is shameful. Our sovereignty must remain intact and won’t allow a President who is at his wit’s end to pander to the whims and caprices of the US,” he stated.

He served notice the Minority will resist it when the agreement is laid in Parliament to be ratified.

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