Did You Know That Feminists ‘Are More Likely To Watch P*rn’?


Contrary to popular misconception that women are somewhat always decent and do not delve into the world of p**n, a lot of women love to watch p*rn too.

Now, we do not only know that women watch p*rn—but a new research seems to even point to the type of women who are likely to watch p**n, wherever they find it comfortable.

A research from University of Western Ontario has found that p**n watchers are more likely to be feminist—unexpected, right?

In an article titled “Is p**nography really about making hate to women?” which was published in The Journal of Sex Research, it found that in a sample of people who watched p**n, they were more likely to be feminists than not.

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The feminists are winning at all corners…right?

The abstract of the research says; “According to radical feminist theory, p**nography serves to further the subordination of women by training its users, males and females alike, to view women as little more than sex objects over whom men should have complete control”.

In correcting another widely held misconception, the study said people who had watched an adult film at least once in the past year had more egalatarian ideas about women in positions of power than those who hadn’t.

And that watching p**nography didn’t make viewers hold more hostile attitudes towards women—a complete contradiction of radical feminist ideology.

The study stated “[t]aken together, the results of this study fail to support the view that p**nography is an efficient deliverer of ‘women-hating ideology.'”

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The authors added that, “[w]hile unexpected from the perspective of radical feminist theory, these results are consistent with a small number of empirical studies that have also reported positive associations between p**nography use and egalitarian attitudes.”

Interestingly, the study claims that viewers of p**n were also more likely to have a postive view of women in the workplace.

The research was dependent on on data collected between 1975 and 2010 for the General Social Survey, which asked Americans about a wide range of social issues and personal views (including gender equality and personal p**nography consumption).

Now, can all the feminists please stand up?