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The Misconception & the Illusion: Women Watch P*RN Too | I Do & Here Are the Reasons…



I recently got into a discussion with one of my male friends and to his shock; I admitted that almost all women including myself have watched p**n before. I’ve wanted to write about this for a long time. However, a video I watched on Facebook today in relation to this topic has pushed me further to get it done—once and for all.

Usually, men have a lot of misconception about women and this can go as far as thinking women do not have s*x drives or do not get h*rny as much as them—or do not have any sort of fantasies. Some even think women hate p*rn—not knowing a hell lot of us do watch p*rn but at our own convenience and by our own choice.

Maybe it’s good that men think women are not into p*rn or do not like p*rn because the moment I told my friend about the fact that I occasionally watch p**n, he invited himself to watch one with me…

Why would I want to share my p**n moment with a man who is not my partner and even if you are my partner, I may not want to watch it with you. It’s likely my choice of video will not be what you want—as I wouldn’t want to be watching the usual abuse of women in the throat shyt that excites most men.

Though women and p**n do not sound good as men and p**n do, women are as sinful as men when it comes to fantasies, therefore the meeting ground is the world of p**n—where everything is made possible by acting.

Now let’s look at some of the reasons why women watch p**n…

The Wild Fantasies

As a woman, some of my fantasies are too wild that I don’t think I can even tell any man about them. And since fantasies do not disappear, the best place to have them come to light is by taking a ‘long peep’ at those videos when I am confident that no one is watching me.


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What men do not know is that, the curiosity of women extends to knowing more about penises—so as far as we do not have penises and we love then, we also love to understand them, especially how they work. And the best place to find the mind boggling penis answers is in the world of p**n, though we mostly get disappointed.

Learning New Things

For some women like my friend who has a little p**n addiction, she learns quite a lot from the p**n world—learning new tricks, moves and ways to impress or satisfy a man in bed is one of the many worries of a woman considering the fact that other women are ready to take from you.

Men think they are the only ones who worry about hitting the jackpot and making sure the woman does not forget them. No, we also like to leave an unforgettable impression behind—even when we are long gone so several of us watch those dirty videos to pick up on how fast or slow we have to move our waist.

Of course we cannot be like the man’s favourite p**n star-Jannie Jamison or Bethany Ben—but we can learn one or two things from them and even aspire to be like them.

We do this for the men…right? When I did that ‘f**k face move’ on your birthday, did you think my mother taught me that?

Too Many Naked Women on Our Streets

The man is always satisfied when it comes to giving his eyes the needed food—there are so many women showing their bums, b**b and others on our streets with nothing for us women to watch.

So I have to feed my eyes too and the perfect place to catch this fun without being judged is watching that handsome man workout N*ked in the gym…

Women Have Internet too-Duh

The internet is full of p**n and if women have access to the internet, what makes any man think we will keep ignoring the increasing p**n content and not just take a minute to catch up on what is happening out there?

The internet and p**n are good friends and the in-between this friendship is a hidden admirer; the innocent clean woman you see on the street.

We Are Human Beings so Masturbate too

What is the perfect ingredient for a perfect masturbation? The answer is the same for men and women— a good dirty video featuring your fantasies. When you talk about women and masturbation, men think we bring everything in the kitchen including the cucumber we are about to use for dinner to insert in our vajayjay and I don’t blame them, they watch too much p**n.

The thing is; women like to relax and think about something or watch something when doing it—and since we do it a lot these days, we watch a lot these days too.

I wish there were waterproof laptops to take into the shower—any woman reading this will definitely know what I mean.

My Point is…

The point I am trying to make with this article is, we are equal beings with strong corrupt minds and the trending misconception that women do not watch p**n must stop.

As women, let’s accept our s*xual progressive taste including p**n—and no one should dare look at a woman in any dirty way for watching p**n.

It’s the best thing the internet has to offer…

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