Fighting God’s Battles for Him Only Makes God a Weak Loser | the Killing of the 12 in Paris…


Dave_Brown-for-Charlie-Hebdo-e1420743703588Shocking incidents like yesterday’s killing of 12 journalists and cartoonists at the offices of the French Cartoon Magazine-Charlie Hebdo validates the assertion that, the world would be far better without organised religion; which is founded on bigotry, violence, intimidation and oppression of its critics, women and children.

For many like me, secularism which welcomes criticisms and places humanism ahead of certain man made beliefs from Stone Age which have today been granted immunity by followers who seek to oppress those who do not share in their beliefs is the only way forward, especially in our 21st century…

Yesterday, French Press watched in shock the atrocious killing of some of those who hold to their hearts one of the greatest instruments of human civilization; free speech—and per early findings, the 12 cartoonists/journalists were shot down by 2 gunmen for what seems to be their unbiased criticism of the Islamic faith.

Over the years, religion has somewhat succeeded in clothing itself in this delicate fabric of immunity, unwelcoming any sort of criticism—either from those within or worse from those outside. Any attempt to criticise religion, its countless prophets or the all powerful God sends out deluded soldiers who take the law into their own hands instead of allowing God to send down well trained angels to do His dirty job.

Of course there is no reason why religion should be treated any different from Sports, Philosophy, Science, Art, Politics and the many other disciplines which mean a lot to different people, when it comes to criticism; but for many religious zealots, any criticism even if grounded in satire is a taint on their beliefs—warranting all manner of barbarism such as what we saw in Paris yesterday.

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It’s a pain to wake up each day to the ignorance and oppression of religion but being intimidated not to have a say about a belief system that has a lot to say about everything we do including what we should eat, who we should sleep with and what position we should have sex is not only hypocritical, rather, insane.

I have seen several Muslim leaders on TV condemning yesterday’s killing with many saying, Islam should be opened to all manner of criticism just as Law or Politics welcomes daily criticisms—but to be frank, these are the silent voices. For many religious people, any attack or criticism of religion is an attack on their God and their many beloved prophets.

What most of these people do not realize is that, their incessant attack and intimidation of those who criticise their religion and doubt their God is a clear indication that, their God or Prophets do not exist or even if they do exist as they want us to believe, they are not as strong as they’ve made them to seem.

If God is indeed that powerful and the maker of all things including human beings, why should He need someone to go about killing people who criticise Him and His Prophets on His Holy behalf? Couldn’t He just do the killing himself from wherever He is stationed?

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Religion is gradually losing it… The thick smoke of nonsense and obnoxious ingredients of victimization which have for many years been religion’s strongest tools of oppression, used to scare those capable of punching holes in its soft skin and reveal the overwhelming hidden idiocy are gradually being sanctioned by certain 21st century principles like Free Speech—and for that matter, those who have no answers to the difficult questions from the critics have resulted to broad day killings in defence of their God and prophets.

Any time such atrocities happen, the world is thrown into a deep shock but behind the shock lies the true message; religion is becoming irrelevant, it’s causing more harm than good to our civilization—and the God of religion must really be a weak loser if He needs people on earth to be fighting His battles for him this way…From bombing buildings to shooting people in their offices; religion must really have no element of reason and conscience in its caveman teachings…

It would be difficult to totally eradicate religion; but if religious people want to be taken seriously, they must employ REASON and begin to realize that, if religion is truly all it claims to be, it should be allowed to face the music of criticisms—no matter how harsh or soft the beat sounds.

The question is; if God is all powerful and the maker of all things, shouldn’t He be able to fight His own battles?