Was it a 3Some or I Just Got PLAYED?



Let me tell you the real truth about 3somes; it remains the most wanted and admired adventure in the books of many men—but woe unto that man who suggests it, he may find his balls dancing on the nearby electricity pole.

For the women, there are some few freaky ones who entertain the 3some idea but most of these inward freaks are not brave enough to throw their wild and unusual desire on the table, because of the hovering fear of a potential backlash from the men they are with.

For some few lucky bastards like some guys I know, they’ve been able to talk their way through the 3some route—and though the many people I’ve heard talk about this experience did not have much to say about the fun, it still remains what most of the guys on the block desire, and of course some women too.

I’ve not had a well strategized, planned and scheduled 3some yet—but it seems I was part of a certain 3some some few years ago with two beautiful girls in a way I did not expect. This better be what it was since the alternative reasonable explanation is; they f*cking played me…

I was young and the desire to f*ck as much as I can was at its peak—and I had access to a lot of young horny women. I am talking about my College days. Even though I was camped at a coastal boys’ school-Adisadel College—that was not enough to subdue the ‘boy on heat’ syndrome…

Back at Adisadel College, we had so many virgins in our midst and they lied to themselves and the rest of us anytime we returned from vacation, telling us about how many girls they managed to pull their panties off. We knew the virgins and therefore we could see through all the lies. Some of us did not have to say anything, we had our campus credibility intact—and it extended to Ghana National College, Holy Child, Aggrey Memorial and the other Cape Coast schools.

Let’ me leave the on-campus talk and take you to the event that has haunted me up to this day—not knowing what to call what happened that night makes it worse for me.

So I managed to lie to my housemaster nicknamed-Apam Broni, for permission to come home that weekend, citing the fact that I was broke and needed to get some money and provisions from home as my reasons. What my housemaster didn’t know was that, I was always broke. My mother was not based in Ghana and therefore, before I even go to school, my pocket money was gone.

I got home without any plans, nevertheless, I was excited to be home—and you cannot imagine how happy I was when one of the area girls who attended Accra Girls blew my phone ( I will refer to her as ‘A’, hereafter). I told her I was not on campus—I just got home.

She was also in town with her friend ( I will call her ‘E’)—this is the friend she told me sometime ago she was going to hook me up to. I asked if they could come around after they’ve finish with whatever they’ve ran out of school to do in town. I saw it as the perfect opportunity to meet this friend of hers—and she said; sure…

Hours later, I checked my Casio wristwatch and it was almost 6pm….I said to myself, these girls are not going to show up, so I better find something to do for this Friday night that I am not on campus with those annoying friends.

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Few minutes later, my Siemens phone rang and it was A’s number—her number had a double 2 and a double 4 as the last 4 digits. I just hope she is not reading this now…

‘A’ turned up with her friend ‘E’ and we sat by a road side spot, sipping on 3 bottles of Malt and some ‘Chinchinga’—all paid by me. After all, I was not that broke as I made my housemaster to believe.

A’s friend was really shy and she said little to nothing. It was later I realized her Twi was not that good, she was a hardcore Ga girl and since I couldn’t speak one line of Ga, we stayed with English.

At around 8pm, ‘A’ suggested they find a hotel to stay for the weekend and I agreed to find and pay for the hotel for them. Not that quick, she was going to invite her boyfriend to come over and I was going to stay in the second room with her friend-E.

‘E’ did not put up any breath of rejection and thinking about it today, I feel like they discussed this way before even getting to me. But then, I thought my stars were being extra nice to me. A wretched weekend away from campus was suddenly looking like a well-planned adventure—with perhaps two horny Accra Girls’ students who were ready to lead a freaky Adisadel College boy on…

We took a taxi and headed down McCarthy Hill, towards Pambros area. I knew of an affordable clean Guest House down there, and I could afford two rooms with the cash I had in my pocket. My Sika card also had some stash on there so I was pretty confident my financial strength could carry us through the weekend—no matter what!

We booked two rooms but lodged in one, chatting and catching up on things. My new girlfriend sat not far from me, but she didn’t say much. Occasionally, ‘A’ will leave the room, pretending to be making a phone call—so I could start touching with ‘E’. It worked as we kissed several times during those moments ‘A’ excused herself.

We had something to eat—it was the usual roadside ‘checkcheck rice’ with its signature chicken thigh. At around 11pm, it became obvious that A’s boyfriend was not going to come around, contrary to his promise that he was on his way. His phone had suddenly gone off and ‘A’ was pretty upset.

Still stationed in one room, ‘A’ took a pillow from the bed and said, Good night after her quick shower. I was the next person to use the bathroom and ‘E’ followed—I mean after I was done.

I jumped into bed and soon after ‘E’ joined me on the bed. The lights were off and ‘A’ seemed fast asleep on the floor. We had the next room booked but she wanted to sleep in the same room with us, on the floor.

At this stage, let me make it clear that, my friend-A was far prettier than ‘E’, the girl she handed over to me—but I was not on sexual terms with ‘A’, even though I wouldn’t have had any issue running through her precious project if she offered. She was a real dark beauty—blessed at the back and the front. And she had a beautiful smile too but she was an area girl and she knew me, in and out…

After few minutes on the bed with ‘E’, the touching started, followed by the kisses—and things got heated on the bed. We were knocking each other—definitely, the girl was so h*rny and homeboy didn’t want to slack either.

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Within 15 minutes, it all came to an end. I rolled over to the corner—and ‘E’ switched the light on. She walked straight into the bathroom and her friend-A followed her. The two girls stayed in the bathroom for close to 30 minutes. I heard them whisper on many occasions but I could not catch what they were talking about in secret.

Then ‘A’ came out of the bathroom first. This time, she did not go to sleep on the floor but she came to sleep on the bed—near the wall. Few minutes later, ‘E’ joined and I was sandwiched in-between two young and huge boobies, whichever way I turned, I got pressed.

Less than 30 minutes later, my new girlfriend-E started breathing heavily, an indication that she was deeply asleep—probably, the earlier 15 minutes of good sex had sent her to a certain dreamland. I felt proud—what an achievement…

And then, my beautiful dark friend-A, started touching me quietly, I turned to face her—and she kissed me. Things kept going and my fingers slipped into her panties. She started moaning, it got noisy and I was worried that ‘E’ who was sleeping around could hear us.

‘A’ and I jumped over ‘E’ and went into the bathroom—that is where we spent the next few minutes, banging things out of her or let’s say, she screwed the hell out of me in a bent over position. I didn’t know some Accra Girls Secondary School students had such extensive stamina…

That was not the end of what I don’t know the name to give to it—either a 3some or some h*rny students f*cking played me.

During the early hours of the morning, ‘E’ also started touching me and this time, since ‘A’ was on the bed, we went straight to the bathroom—where it all happened, once again. We even took a shower and came back to sleep without ‘A’ blinking. I believed she was deeply asleep—but today, I doubt if she was indeed sleeping…

Then around 6am, ‘A’ went into the second room. She texted me to come over—and stupidly or happily, I went in there where it happened again. It was two for ‘A’ and two for ‘E’. I felt like I just dropped out of heaven—that was then. Today, I can’t even put my fingers on the feeling as I struggle to ascertain what I can call this…

The tough days followed when we all returned to school. ‘A’ wrote me several letters and so did ‘E’. Since then, I have seen ‘A’ several times—and we have even taken a trip together but we refused to talk about what happened that night. For ‘E’, I once bumped into her at Kaneshie—and she still didn’t say much, even in English.

It was fun— but do I call myself a lucky bastard who tasted the 3some most guys dream of or should I concede that I got played by some 2 smart h*rny girls?

I hope you don’t think the best bet is the latter because that will kill me, my old friend from Adisadel College with an outstanding campus credibility whom I’ve not seen in many years looked into my eyes and asked…

Buddy, you should have told us this f*cking story that very semester and perhaps you would have gotten the best answer from the guys who understood the 3 way game better. But for me, I think you got PLAYED in an admirable way.


Jeff says:

Lmaoo, very interesting

Bayan says:

I Love your uniqueness and honesty.

AkosuaGhana says:

Chris, this is really interesting. I think your friend got played big time. It is obvious the two girls wanted to sleep with him but they didn’t want to have to touch each other.

Most women think that makes them lesbians or something of such sort so they must have planned to do it one after the one. He slept with two girls but that is not technically a threesome if it did not happen all together.

You seem to have a plausible explanation as to why the women wouldn’t give him the traditionally accepted 3some but went forward to have a piece of him—anyway.

Samuel Adjei says:

Why the mention of the girls school bad faith bro.

Samuel Adjei says:

They will be disappointed for u letting the cat out of the bag. Any way I know the name of the hotel where it happened