The ‘Side Chick’ Death Trap | Is It Worth the Fun?


Angry Black Woman

Angry Black Woman

Most men are greedy and jealous but they will go every length to show that, they are not jealous when it comes to women. Interestingly, most women accept on first prompt that they are jealous and greedy—and as such, they are not ready to share their men with anyone.

I am talking about a class of human beings who even gets upset if they see another of their kind, wearing something they are already wearing—despite the fact that the person also bought it with her own money. From this common illustration, you should know how intolerable women are when it comes to sharing.

Fortunately for men and unfortunately for some women, there are those single women who present themselves as less jealous or greedy—and are ready to become the side chicks, perhaps, the right name should be the side biatches.

For men who are lucky to meet such single women, it mostly feels like you’ve won the lottery and just as the whole enterprise/offer seems too good to be true—mostly, they are indeed too good to be true.

Most of the side chicks have hidden agenda, well concealed between the space they seem to fill in your relationships—and for some reason, they can be exceptionally fun, stealing your attention from the main chick-be it the wife or girlfriend.

Yesterday, I was sent a video of a Nigerian woman which you can see below (I believe this was recorded for fun) who called her boyfriend only to have the main girlfriend of the man picking the phone at the other end.


The conversation was pretty interesting as she didn’t seem bothered about her position as the side biatch, adding that, if the main biatch is not happy about the current state of things and she wants to leave, she can. But she should notify her when she is leaving so she will know that her position has changed from being the side biatch to main biatch.

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In fact, there are women like this out there—I mean plenty of them who come up as not caring about whoever is in the room, provided they get a little space at the corner—and provided their immediate needs are taken care of.

Side Chick

For most men, what else could be exciting than this? Having a second single woman who you can call your woman—and more importantly, who knows about the other woman but has no problem or will not act in anyway to alert the other, so they mostly say.

Such affairs start on high note, with plenty to do and a lot of fun to catch. If you are not lucky or smart, the new side chick can draw you away from the main pond, making you leave traits of ‘something going wrong’ with the main chick.

Most main chicks pick up on this change of habits quickly and before you know, you are under ‘Mossad surveillance’. This is why a greater number of men who start the side chick affairs get busted. But this is not the point of this article so let me leave them to their fate…

What most men do not know is; the side chick is as jealous and greedy as the main chick—I wouldn’t want to say all women are the same but they certainly are from the same mother. Some are good at holding up their jealousy and greed for a little longer; it does not mean they are fundamentally different or do not have the quest to have sole ownership.

After the side chick has made you aware she does not care about the main chick and you can have both of them provided she gets a fair share of you, mostly she demands a small proportion of you or your time, things begin to change with the lapse of time.

Gradually, the side chick who once did not care about the main chick calling you when she is around begins to complain about how long you stay on the phone with the main chick when she is with you—and then it moves to, I don’t want to hear you talk to her so you can excuse yourself anytime she calls.

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I thought the side chick said she did not care? She was just playing the ‘pull him into the pond’ card and this seems to work on most guys except those who have had the ‘opportunity’ to have been in and out of this situation before, having learnt a lesson not to trust what the side chick presents.

For some men who are unlucky, before you know, the unreasonable side chick has already introduced herself to the main chick—and then you begin to wonder; what the hell happened?

I know someone whose side chick managed to take an after sex selfie of the two of them (topless in bed photo) and sent it to the main chick as part of her take over campaign. As if the main chick got there with a top speed rocket as within few minutes, the ‘open before door breaks down’ knock came through.

Though I do not believe this, I am told some side chicks genuinely step into relationships thinking that they wouldn’t mind being the other woman but with time, feelings and interest take over the set rules—pushing them to behave out of the initial set rules, a new agenda is then put in place.

To me, a side chick always has an agenda—all you have to hope for is; that agenda should not be ‘to one day become the main chick’ or else, you are in for a brutal shock.

For the men; the question is; is the side chick fun worth the many troubles that eventually take over? And for the women; why can’t you just stay as the side chick –after all, that is what you presented? Also, the side chick should not forget that, the moment she becomes the main chick, vacancy is created for the position of a side chick…


Queen Ekuba says:

Human beings are naturally jealous & don’t want to share anything. How many of us would even agree to share our meals with another person daily how much more sharing a person! It’s not only women who are jealous but men too. In fact, in my opinion, men are much more jealous than women. Most men can never live with the fact that their wives bang other men. Indeed daily, there are reports of men hacking their wives on mere suspicion of infidelity. The only difference is that society encourages women to share & calls them jealous if they don’t why not putting such requirements on men. The side chick phenomena is because we live in a messed up society that makes it ok for men to have multiple partners & women have such a low self esteem (or few resources) that they would agree to ‘share’ a man

AkosuaGhana says:

I have never experienced this side chick thing. Maybe because I am a lesbian or I always the main chick who does not know the side chick exist. For me, if I catch the side chick, I will beat the hell out of her and take her wig off, assuming she is wearing one.

On a serious note, it will be easy to know if a man has another girl when you meet him. Just watch him well and the lies will not add up

Maaquiya says:

So I started dating this guy who told me he was single for six months before I accidentally found out he had main chick. He denied dating her for another week before admitting the truth. And then he tells me its complicated and he is not happy and they are considering going their separate ways so I should be patient for a while so he sorts it out. And he sounded believable. Weirdly, I never suspected him of having another woman those first six months cos we hang out at least 4 times a week n he hardly spoke to her over the phone.Three months later, this other chick is still in the picture. So I’m supposed to give it all up? I am the bad one? Well, she’s got the promises and I have the man. Lets see how it goes in 3 more months.

So you are going to stay for the next 3 months? Did he agree to this 3 months ultimatum or it is just your personal decision which he knows nothing about? Damn, the guy must be that good to be hanging out 4 times a week and not leaving any hint of the main chick.

Thanks for commenting and welcome to BrutallyUncensored.Com

Maaquiya says:

Believe me Chris,there are no tracks to be covered. In my opinion, the other chick is complacent and is doing nothing to keep her relationship.By virtue of having agreed to be his woman 4 years ago, she acts like he’s hers for life. I only feels slightly bad that I’m taking her man though. But if she is still in the picture by Christmas, I’m walking. Sharing has never been one of my strong points

I guess I have to wish a sister good luck and let’s know what happens after the 3 months. Make sure the main chick does not find out to attack you though…

This man better be good.

AkosuaGhana says:

You mean you are going to be the side chick for the next 3 months hoping to become the main chick? If you become, what about the side chick position which is open? Won’t you forever be thinking there is a side chick behind you if you become the main?

bami says:

You forgot to cover the part of some of these men lying that they are single, then after they get you, they tell you about whatever relationship they are in and they know doing it that way makes it hard to walk away. When y’all would have shared so much. Bastards

Interesting…It reminds me of the story I read few days ago in China where a court found a man guilty of ‘violating of a woman’s virginity’ and by this, the court said, the man lied to the girl that he was single when he in fact he was married. Therefore, he breached the girl’s civil rights—violation of virginity.

Pretty interesting that this is happening in China. I don’t think we will have this in the West though where there is this sort of caveat emptor buyer beware) on relationships too.

More details here;

Thanks for contribution.

bami says:

Hahaha. I read that on your site. I say this, not from an imaginary place but from a personal one! These men LIE! Letting go is hard and Yes crazy thoughts will flood your mind, but some of us like to maintain whatever dignity we have left, hurt in our corner and let go eventually.

Yeah, I can understand where you coming from and good you did not become the sidechick who takes photo with the man in bed and send to the main chick to take over. I guess next time, you will open your eyes WIDE. Glad you mentioned dignity because it is important.