Shatta Wale Can Only Be “Bigger Than Jay Z” If Shatta Michy Becomes Bigger Than Beyonce

The biggest entertainment news this week has undoubtedly been the signing of self-acclaimed Dancehall King inna the whole Ghana, Shatta Wale formerly known as Bandana, to Zylofon media. After weeks of speculations, the deal has been signed and Shatta is Zylofon’s latest baby.

The Shatta Movement squad did not disappoint, thronging the Zylofon office at East Legon to support their hero. The record deal is alleged to make the “Freedom” hitmaker 1.5 million dollars richer. This is a dream come true for Shatta Wale, who is a classic example of “from grass to grace”.

In the excitement following the signing, he asked Ghanaians, both fans and haters to watch out for him because he is about to reap the fruits of his labour over the years. His mission is to take Ghanaian dancehall music international and eventually be bigger than Jay Z.

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It’s all well and good, but Shatta needs to understand that Jay Z is who he is now largely due to his union with Beyonce. Not to downplay the success of Jay Z as an individual, but we can all agree his marriage to Beyonce is an integral part of his power status.

Indeed, behind every successful man is a woman. Likewise behind every failure of a man is Yaanom, who only want to take what they can get and go. Meanwhile Shatta Michy is nowhere near being even the Beyonce of Ghana. Yes, she has been with her hubby from when he was penniless and struggling and she might be the perfect match for him, but she falls short on the scale if Shatta is to make it anywhere near Jay Z’s power status.

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So if Shatta really wants to be “bigger” than Jay Z, he should concentrate on making a Beyonce out of his better half, whose current business has been known to be running a beer bar which was allegedly closed down sometime last year. Very un-Beyonce-like.