Saudi Court Sentences ‘Atheist’ to 2,000 Lashes and 10 Years in Jail for Denying the Existence Of God And Ridiculing the Qu’ran on Twitter


When it comes to religion, its dominance and seemingly well established structures were not built on people’s voluntary sign-ups—not that many found religion plausible or found the Messiah or Prophet Mohammed worthy of following but millions were forcefully conscripted into the army of God.

And through years of war, though at different eras, the main religions—Christianity and Islam waged war against those who resisted and preferred to make their own decisions without human coercion about the existing of their Gods and presented doctrines.

Today, religion may not be able to forcefully recruit people beyond its well entrenched childhood indoctrination tactics, but it has somewhat succeeded in gagging people from challenging its doctrines, Gods and practices in many parts of the world.

So religion has forcefully erected a wall on lands where the people had no say and then as time lapses, it has maintained these walls by making them sacred, immune from any critical evaluation or criticism—just so it can continue to keep those within the confines of the wall as perpetual subjects.

For a few like myself, religion is no different to politics, science, law, philosophy and several of the human disciplines which have become part of our existence, and as such it should be opened to equal criticism, ridicule and even denial just like all the others…

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You can freely criticise or ridicule law or science without being sentenced to prison or without housing any fear of imminent attack on your person but when it comes to religion, you ought to tread cautiously or you would find your head on a spike.

If indeed God and His associated religions are true, all humanity would see this eventually and whatever criticism erected against these two structures would definitely fall.

But for fear of losing grounds, States being governed with the direct arm of God continue to cage its people in a room where religion and God are beyond criticism. In these jurisdictions, everyone ought to stay within a set path, instead of finding their own path after thorough self-searching.

Below the State level, most religious people are intolerant of opposing views—for the reason that such views would expose the weakness of their God, corrupt those they want to recruit and perhaps end the long illegitimate reign of their God and religion.

According to a MailOnline report;

A man has been sentenced to 2,000 lashes and 10 years in prison for expressing his atheist views on Twitter in Saudia Arabia.

Religious police, who monitor social networking sites, found more than 600 tweets from the 28-year-old’s Twitter account which denied the existence of God and ridiculed verses in the Qu’ran.

Some of the messages also accused all prophets of lying and said their teaching fueled hostilities and wars.

The man, who has not been named admitted to being an atheist when he appeared in front of a Saudi Arabian court in Riyadh.

He said the views reflected his own beliefs and he felt he had the right to express them.

Why should the ‘truth’ fear any sort of evaluation, criticism and challenge? If indeed the white dove is in the box, then the owner should not be scared to open it for everyone to see, examine and ask questions.

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The continuous attempt to silent dissident views by religious people and religious States strengthen the suspicion that, someone is hiding something or something is false about this whole concept—such that it is well being guarded from being exposed.

Anyone who finds it comforting to belong to a group of people who takes such offensive liberty in suspending people’s human rights and sometimes ending their lives because they criticised or ridiculed the beliefs of that group must be carrying a different sort of conscience.

And you are no different if you do not speak against such ferociousness. It’s ironic that the religion of peace hates criticism and has limited or no space for opposing views.