People Who Urinate And Defecate In The Open Should Be Shamed And Arrested. And Probably Castrated

Why are most Ghanaians, such shitty people? We are so shitty, we shit everywhere! And it is one of the disgusting things that for some shitty reason seems okay to do. Attending to nature’s call (whether by urination or defecating) should be a private affair, for shit’s sake.

But no, in this shithole, (not even a pun at this point) people prefer to go “free range” instead of utilizing facilities provided for the purpose of relieving oneself. Urinating in public is surprisingly not a crime. You’ll find men especially boldly whipping out their dicks in random public places to urinate and we act like it’s the most natural thing to do.

How do we have issues with women breastfeeding their babies in public but turn the other way when men shamelessly take out their dicks and urinate in any “corner”? I have seen way too many dicks in my life, and it’s not because I’ve actually “had” them, but because men just be whipping their dicks back and forth like it’s normal. No, it is not normal. It’s just plain weird and creepy. Not to talk of the fact that they are polluting the environment with all that pissing.

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Can’t we just be civilized and comport ourselves till we find a restroom to relieve ourselves? Must we just pee any and everywhere because we can? It’s so bad that on almost every wall you find inscriptions like “Do Not Urinate Here”, “Only Idiots Urinate Here”, “Urinate Here And Be Fined” but ironically those are the places that smell the most of piss.

Who taught our men to piss on walls? Must we pollute everything in this country with our bad behavior? The least said about those who actually defecate in gutters and open fields, the better. We even defecate on beaches and in water bodies.

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It’s like there are no repercussions to our actions and we lack sense too so we just behave anyhow in this country. You defecate in the open and expect who to clean that shit up? We need to be more responsible and actually act like we give a damn about our environment and our country.

Yes, the majority of homes and public places lack toilet facilities. That is the root of all this indiscipline. But when we start shaming people and punishing them for urinating any and everywhere, they will learn to discipline themselves and not violate the environment and our sight with all that junk.

Criminalizing acts like open defecation and urination will actually do us more good as a society than wasting time calling for the arrest of homosexuals like it affects the water we drink.