It’s Not Rape Because She Was A Pornstar, Lawyer Claims

War Machine Christy Mack

Lawyers don’t have the best reputation especially defense lawyers. Some are put on cases where the public opinion is heavily in favor of the victim. Notably cases are OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony.

Even though they have to mount strong defenses, sometimes they do try to reach when it comes to defending their clients.

This is a case of an MMA fighter called War Machine (legal name by the way) who is on trial for sexual assault and attempted murder of his then girlfriend, Christy Mack, who was a p**nstar at the time.

The description of the assault is brutal. It is alleged that War Machine broke into the room of Christy Mack and started beating Thomas, a male friend of Christy. War Machine then turned his attention to Christy. Mack immediately dialled 911 and left the phone beside the bed throughout the incident. Her voice could be heard screaming when the 911 call was played in court. She barely escaped with her life. She suffered a lacerated liver, 18 broken bones and two teeth missing following the alleged brutal assault.

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The defense lawyer is trying to claim that because of Christy Mack’s work, which involves her engaging in rough sex scenes, said that even when she wasn’t acting on-screen, Christy Mack showed the “desire, the preference, to acceptability towards a particular form of sex activities that were outside of the norm.”

The lawyer is basically trying to say because she was a p**nstar who was involved in rough sex on-screen and sometimes off-screen with her then boyfriend, War Machine, it would be hard to distinguish if a case of sexual assault actually took place.

That’s an interesting argument to make but I think most of us will say that is absolute horsesh*t in this case. War Machine is a scum bag who deserves to be buried alive.

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We’ll see what happens but it’s more than likely that War Machine will definitely face multiple years in prison.