Ghanaians Do Not Appreciate “Straight” People – Anita Erskine

Former co-host of ‘Starr Drive’ on Starr FM, Anita Erskine has described Ghanaians as ‘vampires’ who feed on controversies.

She said this when denying the rumors that she had a frosty relationship with actress Joselyn Dumas when they both worked together at the then Viasat 1.

At the time Anita Erskine was working with Joselyn Dumas at Viasat 1, there was a widespread rumor that there was a disagreement between herself (Anita) and the actress after she joined the station. Some reports even claimed there were often heated exchanges between the two.

But speaking on Starr Chat with Bola Ray, Anita Erskine explained that Joselyn came to Viasat 1 with her raw ambition and passion to be outstanding in what she does.

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“At the time, I had taken an oath to be behind the scenes and be able to give to anybody who would take my wisdom, my ability…..whatever it is I have been able to do for myself,” she noted.

“I think in Ghana, straightness, focus, commitment and dedication sometimes translate as being so mean,” she said.

According to Anta Erskine, the root of all the rumor between herself and Joselyn Dumas started because she was tough on Joselyn.

“I was very tough on Joselyn Dumas and she will tell you herself, why? She had amazing potential, why? I am blessed with the gift of seeing someone’s potential and I am also blessed with wisdom enough to know that when it’s somebody’s time to give, Bola you give,” she explained further.

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The articulate presenter bemoaned that the actress herself had always been appreciative and express her gratitude of the relationship they had at Viasat 1 but she thinks it’s some people around the actress who wants to create something for people to feed on.

“Best of respect we have for each other, we’ve been through quite a lot together. We’ve seen each other through certain serious career moves.”