Ghanaian Graduates Are Jobless Because They Are Brainless

In a country where 1 in every 4 persons you meet is a University graduate, it is alarming that so many young people in Ghana still wail about UNEMPLOYMENT.

Instead of blaming the government and reducing corruption on the part of the president and those with higher authority, perhaps, it would help to take a look at the issue of unemployment from a more objective view.

They say the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. One actual definition of insanity is extreme foolishness and irrationality.

For Ghanaian youth to think Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo’s government will do anything different from Mahama’s government with regards to the provision of jobs is where I deem them absolutely insane; especially when history tells us that these two political parties are the same in terms of their ineffectiveness.

You are foolish and irrational if you think sitting in your mom’s living room is going to get you a job.

Does this also mean that although many are becoming more “educated”, most are refusing to use their brains? A country that boasts of nine public universities, eight technical universities, nine additional professional institutions and many private post-secondary institutions, it is a shame that we are only producing brainless graduates who are refusing to use their brains to gain employment.Can we blame them though? We are in an era where the size of your breast, ass, hips, penis or a few hundred Ghana cedis can get you a first class. To those who went through such means to graduate, I say eat your first class and remain jobless.

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We have students who are graduating with degrees in Business Administration and competing for very little open positions in corporate Ghana. What happened to starting your own unique business and employing other fellow jobless classmates?

Why can’t jobless graduates from the Ghana school of journalism start their own blogging sites and/or take up other unconventional means of getting news to the masses? The truth is that the opportunities are endless for the Ghanaian graduate who makes the decision to think outside the box instead of waiting on the government to create jobs for them.

In Ghana now, there are young CEO’s who are making impact and money. What makes you any different from them? With that small brain of yours, you can write a book, start a business, think outside the box and make a difference.

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When it comes to making money and making a difference, nothing is too small or too insignificant.

Forget the government. All those in high positions are either thinking about their fat pockets or about how to buy their girlfriends cars and nice apartments. They don’t fall asleep at night with you in mind.

Nevertheless, they know that with a few empty promises, your brainless self will vote for them again.

Young Ghanaian, sit up, utilize your skills and use what is left in that head of yours to make money.