You Desire Anal S*x, Are You Ready for the Work?

In a sexually sensitive society like ours in Ghana, even talk on routine sexual styles is a hard call so when the discussion or the curiosity bothers on anal sex, the highest level of ‘terror’ alert is activated as is done for nation states facing a threat.

True, consuming p**nographic materials has its downsides including triggering the masturbation skills of a good number of men, leading some unguarded ones to seek to penetrate unyielding females even minors and also making horny married women and others to offer their coochie to males they happen to watch the p**n material with other than their designated partners.

But there is little doubt that p**n remains the clearest avenue for many to check out going-ons in the sexual world. Hitherto, a typical Ghanaian damsel took delight in ‘stretching’ an interested male who desired her as a lover and when she eventually consented, because of the Christian and Islamic terror orientation on sex as being only for couples, many of the damsels couldn’t express themselves like free birds when time for sexual sessions came. Wet kissing, licking the genitals and undertaking varied sexual styles including ‘69’ and ‘doggie’ were new experiences for many.

I maintain just as a child is taught how to speak, eat and walk, nothing comes easy including sex. It requires study to know how to maximize ones genitals in pleasuring a partner and it is here p**n exposed many to new techniques.

By now, many Ghanaian folks have shifted their position on oral sex. While the talk used to be ‘how could a mouth used to praise God in addition to consuming pepper and salt be used to lick a woman’s ‘dirty’ coochie which has vaginal fluid, sweat and urine residue’, friends and even random folks I engaged, women and men say they now give head and eat out the coochie respectively with little reservation when they discovered it was no big deal.

What however needs working on is anal sex. For the records, I am no fan of anal sex, for I reckon the butthole is good at its job of excreting fecal matter and no more.

But humans being adventurous, some contend devious, have found pleasure in the butty hole. It remains an acquired taste for those who indulge but as I have rendered earlier, while anal shoots in p**n videos look clean, crisp and inviting, the truth is anal sex involves work which is no child’s play.

Many get curious as to why even after bathing and cleaning the anus, they still find fecal residue in the hole a few minutes later yet find the women who get arse busted in the videos appear not to release any offensive material.

The reality is that as with the p**n industry hiring endowed men and women with stamina and strong jaws for oral shoots, anal shoots are produced, edited to look sleek for pleasant viewing.

So when you are confronted with a partner who desires anal sex or you crave for it yourself, you must bear in mind that there is no natural lubrication in the anal area so to proceed in that direction, there is need for a non-oil based water-soluble lubricant which is compatible with latex condom especially when that partnership is not a long term one.

Again slamming cocks in butt holes in video looks clean because the female models say they douche before scenes to take out fecal residue and stickiness. That’s how come you wonder why some of the actors delightfully lick the buttholes of their female colleagues while the stench from your lady’s backside could make you vomit.

Douching with fresh water can enhance the smell, taste and feel of the anal hole some of the models further submitted.

Bu that’s not all. While you’ve taken your lover out for pizza or a meal, desiring anal upon getting home won’t be a good idea. According to some of the p**n stars who specialise in anal work, they’ve had to take a last meal at 5pm the previous day for a day’s shoot to keep the hole pristine for a f**k adding mental and physical preparation is also key for a successful shoot and in real life a sex session.

But even with these precautions, the anus being what it is can spring a surprise. It is muscles we are dealing with and the anal region being a sensitive one, actually pooping during a f**k is not unheard of and so one must always be gracious when a partner spills the shit in a middle of a match. After all it is the anus you opted for while a creamy pussy was yearning for attention hence the repercussions must be taken in stride.

The thing is as a lady when you are into anal sex, then you need to keep your channel tidy. Same proposal goes to the men who are into the anal business. After all, given most toilet facilities at homes in the country, it even takes steely nerves to lick a pussy or dick much more a delicate butt.

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